Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 07/20/2013

  • Big ideas and ed tech trends from ISTE 2013 | The Cornerstone

    This post from Angela Watson garnered more than 100 retweets when I shared it. It is a great summary of ISTE this year and bravely points out some things that must be discussed for future ISTE's. It is a must read if you follow edtech. Here's to you Angela for a great post.

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  • Udacity Experiment at San Jose State Suspended After 56% to 76% of Students Fail Final Exams | Open Culture

    Listen up: nothing is ever free! If you're gong to take a MOOC or other course, you have far less accountability and must have far more discipline. Maybe paying for college classes is more paying for someone to hold your feet to the fire. But the failure rate in these MOOCs is atrocious. If you look at the cost per passing student, it might just be back up there at the regular credit price. Nothing, I repeat NOTHING is free and that ESPECIALLY includes education. Read this article and discuss. What do you think, what is the place for MOOCs? (If you write on your blog, please leave a link in the comments so others can see.)

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  • How Coffeechug Uses Evernote: Part 1 | Coffee for the Brain

    Evernote is an incredible app. I like how gifted teacher Aaron Maurer shares how he uses Evernote in his classroom and in his life. This is a good read for those of you figuring out why so many of us teachers are crazy about Evernote. Also, on the right hand side of Aaron's blog is a very handy guide for those of you getting started on Twitter. He has 11 tasks to get you started on Twitter. Go on his blog and scroll down to get started. It is on the right under the heading “Twitter for Educators.”

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