Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 06/02/2012

  • In the news – Children should have body image lessons – Resources – TES

    A report out of the UK shows that children as young as five are concerned about their shape and size. Our media is sending a message of perfection that is unattainable even by the models they photoshop. (A girl recently petitioned for 17 magazine to have one non photoshopped image and 17 would not agree) This article includes a video discussion of the findings of this report.

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  • Teaching in a climate of despair – News – TES

    I find the story of what is happening to the education system in Greece heartbreaking.With some budgets cut in half and many parents unemployed, student and teacer morale is plummeting. Schools have closed because of no heat and some schools wait for months for textbooks. If you think you've got it tough, it could be worse.

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  • Education – Google World Wonders Project

    This page has guides that you can download by age level for how you can use the World Wonders project in your classroom. You'll want to get the PDF and email it to all of the history teachers so they can import it into their ebook reader for sure. (Of course you can print if you don't have a way to distribute epaper.) there are also some suggested topics like “How the Romans Lived,” “the Industrial Revolution,” and the “Italian Renaissance” along with tour points. 

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  • Shark Bay – Google World Wonders Project

    So, in this example of a World Wonder – Shark Bay in Australia – You can see a description on the right. There is an information tab, a link to videos about the area, a link to photos about the area and away to explore nearby sites. If you're going on vacation to an area with a local wonder, it might be a great thing to explore before you explore so you can get the most out of your trip. 

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  • Google World Wonders Project

    Google has released their world wonders website as part of the “Google Cultural Institute” website. This is a definite “must investigate” over the summer. Click on education in the top right to see how you can integrate it into learning. There are many points all over the globe. Fascinating. experience. The museum is online.

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