Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 05/19/2012

  • PBL Program Shows How to Tap Local Expertise | Edutopia

    Fascinating overview of a PBL school. I would like to point out that now that I have a 20% time project where students spend 20% of their time in my class working on a technology-enriched project of their choice – that my students are doing many of these incredible things. Every school should have their students doing personal interest projects as a core requirement of what you do to graduate from that school. End of year portfolio websites should be something all students do on a platform that they can “take with them” after high school. This is all part of finding your passion. This is a great overview from Suzie Boss at Edutopia of this incredible high school in Georgia.

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  • ProfHacker: Projects with Instructables – ProfHacker – The Chronicle of Higher Education

    This is a great suggestion to find DIY projects for the summer over at Instructables – a pre-Pinterest how-to site with lots of instructions. This is also a great resource as a parent when you have projects that you need to do to help your kids.

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  • ISTE Newbie Project | Angela Maiers, Speaker, Educator, #YOUMATTER

    I'll be donating again this year to help send Jerry Blumengarten (@cybraryman1) to ISTE 2012. He is tireless, helpful, and very deserving. If you want to know more, see Angela's overview. I hope you'll take time to help send Jerry to ISTE12.

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  • Maryland Teen Jack Thomas Andraka Wins Intel International Science And Engineering Fair

    This fifteen year old won $75,000 for coming up with a way to screen early stage pancreatic cancer. This student and the others who won the “second place” $50K award amaze me. What does it take to encourage and help a student like this: I promise you they received personalized learning experiences to be able to do this. Cookie cutter science doesn't breed scientists like this.

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  • The Graphic Classroom

    This website talks about comics and comic textbooks in the classroom by Chris Wilson, an elementary teacher.

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  • Wix.com AwesomeMadi created by Tucker2015 based on my-gallery | Wix.com

    At the end of the school year, students build a mefolio in class to talk about their achievements, accomplishments, technology, and what they are learnin. These are adapted and updated every year. Students use them to get jobs and when they apply for college. Here is an example of a very creative young lady who has used hermofolio to share her artwork and photography. She's so talented.

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