Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 04/23/2012

  • 10 Uses of Google Earth That Have Made Positive Impacts on the World

    Mashable shares a video of 10 ways Google earth has been used to have a positive impact on the world. Although not as “life changing” as Water for People or International Rivers, we've seen many benefits in the classroom from this app including Google lit trips and also one of the best geography tools ever created.

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  • Grammar lesson – news – TES

    In the UK, a very large selective authority admits that grammar school pupils favors wealthier children. The test has now caused schools to be warned against using the test because affluence plays a role in the results. Additionally, they imply that because of the influence of affluence that ethnicity is also a factor. Because coaching can have such an impact, and those with more money pay for coaching, it has been discredited. However, one could take this and apply it to the SAT in the US. I'm an SAT coach at my school and those who go through the process and take it seriously, do improve their scores much more. It is hard to remove affluence from influence but I think it is good to get this out on the table and let people know about it.

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  • Peeking Into Division 16

    This is an excellent blog by a classroom and uses blogspot. Here they share visitor etiquette, word wall words, and also links to student blogs. This is an excellent example of a classroom blog for a young classroom.

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  • Steve Hargadon: Live Monday, April 23rd – Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis on Flattening Classrooms

    Monday night at 8pm Julie and I will join Steve Hargadon for a Future of Education conversation about the 7 step approach to transforming your classroom to a 21st century classroom that connects with the world. it is free and Steve is one of the best interviewers in the business, join us.

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