Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 04/14/2013

  • Knight Time Technology 3 June 13, 2013 Keynote

    Excited to be heading to Kendallville, Indiana this summer on June 13 to keynote the second day of the Knight-Time Technology Conference about how to influence change in the 21st century, how to flatten your classroom, how writing is being reinvented and how you can use it in your classroom and differentiating instruction with technology. It will be exciting. If you're interested, this it the link to find out more information.

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  • TechSplash 2013 | The University of Virginia's College at Wise

    Excited to be in Virginia on July 17 at TechSplash! Hope you'll join us if you're the area. “The purpose of Tech Splash 2013 is to showcase exemplary examples of technology integration in the K12 classroom as well as focus attention on new and emerging technologies. Date:            July 18, 2013      8-3:30pm Location:     Lebanon High School, Lebanon, Virginia Cost: $25 prepaid, $35 onsite ”

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  • Introduction to Management

    Another Mooc, I got an email from Jeremy Short, the professor leading this course. I was a management major at Georgia tech, I love the incorporation of graphic novels into this course. Here's what Dr. Short sent me: “I’m a professor at the University of Oklahoma. My co-authors and I conducted a study that will soon be published in Business Communication Quarterly where we find that graphic novels are more effective than traditional textbooks for direct recall of material. The study used material about human motivation commonly taught in introductory management courses. In addition to the superior recall associated with the graphic novel version of the material, more than 80% of students indicated the graphic novel format compared favorably to traditional textbooks. Now anyone in the world can conduct their own study to see if their experiences match our findings, as I will be teaching a class beginning June 10 and ending July 15, that is free under the MOOC format and will feature a graphic novel textbook as well as a traditional principles of management text – both books I’ve co-authored. OU students can enroll through regular registration and take the course for credit, but anyone interested in the class can enroll for free under the non-credit option. The only cost of the class under the second option is the cost of the two texts, which can be purchased for under $100 total.”

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  • Online chat widget |RumbleTalk group chat room platform for websites

    Rumbletalk bills itself as a “boutique” backchannel chat tool for live events, Facebook events. etc. They are marketing themselves for integration into Facebook pages and events but it can be put in other places. Lots of backchannel capabilities are emerging as many educators and event planners see the value of providing, managing and leading in the backchannel chats that WILL and DO occur whether you wish they did or not.

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