Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 04/13/2012

  • Floe animation for Open Education Week | Open Education Week

    If you want to understand what FLOE does and how it can help you use free resources to help all learners, then you can watch this video. This is for everyone in special education and especially those developing curriculum for those in special education. The first year it is free and after that they do charge for the service, I believe.

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  • Paving the way toward inclusive Open Education Resources | floe

    I met Jutta Treviranus from the FLOE project. This is about creating open resources that are translatable, move from place to place, can be modified and made accessible to everyone. It is has tools that will make your content accessible for all learners. If you're making free content, you'll want to go to this website and look at their tools to help make your content accessible to everyone. This is great because it can help translate into other languages for the content we're creating for Flat Classroom.

    Also: This website FLOE creates tools to help you match learner needs with suitable Open Education REsources. Service that helps modify resources to meet the needs of the individual learner. This is the infancy of personalizing learning using free resources to help everyone. This is phenomenal.

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  • The Personalized Learning System – PLeaSe

    The Personalized Learning system now in Beta by Rice University and being piloted around the country that links open resources with students to personalize learning. Here is the information on the portal.

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    • OER Rubrics and Evaluation Tool | Achieve.org

      This tool helps you evaluate Open education tools to see how they align to Common Core  state standards. By using this rubric, you can demonstrate how resources that are free can be integrated into your curriculum. There are 7 of the 8 already created. IF you want to save money while you align standards you must share this with your curriculum directors and administrators. Use this as an opportunity to increase quality AND save money (that is a win for everyone.)

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    • Facebook's “Groups for Schools” Is a Walled Garden of Higher Education

      Facebook's group for schools has just been announced. You don't have to be friends with your students to add them to a class group on Facebook. This is only for highered but is a move to become a more formal learning network. Facebook may evolve from a social network to a social and educational network. This is a big deal and colleges should take a look at this.

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    • H20 Classroom tools

      This is being used by Jonathan Zittrain at Harvard law school as a tool to link with students and content. He shared this as the future of the textbook. Here's information from the notes I took with “SJ” at the Berkman center presentation. This professor gave the best preso I ‘ve seen on the what the textbook should look like of anyone I've seen because he sees that the connection needs to happen behind the text. (I wish I could see Stephen Downes ask him questions.)

      ” Playlists – described above; each student creates their own playlist and can share them. (Playlists can be books, case studies, videos, notes, etc.)
       ‘Collage' – Wants to take all of the public domain tort cases and let professors annotate and share each others work (people can be “slacktivists” not activists and each person could be a little bit of an activist and share a little bit to this massive case book)
       ‘Rotisserie' – every teacher hands articles out, they rotate through the room.  aperson writes their answer and then is critiqued by someone and they themselves critique another.  
       ‘Question Tool' –  questions asked here are kept nicely related, one person to another.”

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    • Cool Cat Teacher

      Very cool. I finally have enough “fans” to get http://www.facebook.com/coolcatteacher — it is now live. Cool

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