Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 03/29/2012

  • Google Reader – Ed Blog Collection clivesir.wikispaces.com

    If you want to quickly add some great feeds to your google reader, here's a bundle of lovely edublogs (over 800 of them) you can pull into a folder. You could remove those that don't interest you after reading. You can use these to get started in Google reader.

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  • Google’s Newfound Fascination With RSS | We Love Google

    Google is really starting to get RSS so say experts. It is shown in the methods that Google is using to embed ads into RSS. I think the biggest thing is that I'd like to do this to at least differentiate my clean blog with all of those who scrape and take my blog content without credit. Great article on how Google is (finally) using RSS.
    “Google has filed for a patent with the US Patent and Trade Office (USPTO) for embedding advertisements into syndicated RSS and Atom feeds.

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  • Coping With Twitter’s Unfollow Bug « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Social Media, Web Marketing

    There is a bug in twitter that some have uncovered. Sometimes people who are unfollowing you didn't unfollow you. Here Jeremiah Owyang explains what is happening. I know of a few unfollows that were upsetting to me and then later they swore they didn't. Of course, it could be true or not, but one of them was a family member who I know didn't unfollow me. Just be aware that thing is not all as it seems in Twitterville.

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  • Reading is not a race: The virtues of the ‘slow reading’ movement – The Answer Sheet – The Washington Post

    This article in the Washington Post, I've seen several mentions by teachers. The slow reading movement is one that advocates really getting into a book and also becoming intimate with the “author” even to the point of memorization. It is about relaxing and getting into a book instead of rushing through a lot of them.

    “I have therefore joined the slow reading movement. Like the slow food movement, it is about more than just slowing down, though that is part of it. It is about an intimacy with authors; it is about paying attention, about caring, about rereading and savoring what we read. It is about finding the right pace. About pleasure more than efficiency.

    Slow reading is also about recovering old practices that have traditionally aided readers in paying attention — oral performance, annotation, exploring complex and difficult passages. It is about reading that generates ideas for writing, what Ralph Waldo Emerson called “creative reading.” And even memorization.”

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