Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 03/05/2012

  • The Twitteraholic’s Ultimate Guide to tweets, hashtags, and all things Twitter | The Edublogger

    Sue Waters has updated her ultimate guide to Twitter based on the new updates to the Twitter interface. It is a great place to point teachers to get started.

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    • E-Learning Journeys: Building Bridges to Tomorrow – A New K-2 Global Project Takes Flight!

      Yes, kindergarteners can collaborate globally. Right now, we've kicked off a project K-2 pilot that our certified teachers have said needed to happen. It is a pilot (meaning we have enough volunteers and supporters to run the project) and had to close sign ups after just a week when 40 classrooms signed up from around the world.

      Julie reflects on the beginning of the project where more than 30 teachers came in to talk and plan! This is very exciting. Many super-teachers like Maria Knee (A Kaye Bitter Sweet award at ISTE- pardon spelling) and others. Very exciting.

      It is helping that we've developed a common pedagogy and “language” of global collaboration so that the community of practice is there with those who have read the book or become certified teachers. We are seeing great things happen. Join us sometime. (Free webinar Tuesday afternoon with Julie and I being hosted by Pearson.)

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    • ISA Global Leadership Class Handshake 2012 – Flat Classroom Project

      This video done by Cassie Allen's 21st Century Global Leadership class is a great “handshake” video to help the other classes in the NetGen project get to know them but also is phenomenal PR for her school. I'm incredibly impressed. This is what we do to help schools get to know each other. Look at what these students are learning. Are yours literate in global citizenship?

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