Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 03/03/2012

  • Are You Network Literate? – Eric Hellweg – Harvard Business Review

    I have a month of social media marketing and awareness that I do with my ninth graders in addition to the digiteen project (which rocks digital citizenship) – it looks like Reid Hoffman would agree. Now I can put a term on it — the ability to see and understand networks. YES! We know how to find popular hashtags and trending topics. Slicing and dicing conversation and networks is quite a challenging thing to teach as it teachers higher order thinking but it is important. Maybe one day, it will be exciting what these kids do.

    Reid Hoffman, co-founder and executive chair of LinkedIn and investor in Facebook, Zynga, and Groupon, sees networks. “It's not like The Sixth Sense,” he told the crowd at TED on Wednesday. “I don't see dead people. But I do see networks.” This lens has given Hoffman a framework for how he views investment opportunities, various projects, and the world.

    Hoffman believes the ability to see and understand networks and use them to your advantage is a critical skill for the 21st century workforce. “It's more than networking. It's more than exchanging business cards and following up after a conference — although that is still important,” he says.

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  • Pakistan Builds Web Wall Out in the Open – NYTimes.com

    Many companies publicly share that they are going to censor the Internet. They want a Great Firewall of their own to cover Pakistan. This is sad.They are taking out advertisements. WE have collaborated with some lovely teachers and students in Pakistan and it seems it will get harder for them to get out both physically and mentally.

    The government published a public tender last month for the “development, deployment and operation of a national-level URL filtering and blocking System.” Technology companies, academic institutions and other interested parties have until March 16 to submit proposals for the $10 million project — but anger about it has been growing both inside and outside Pakistan.

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