Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 02/23/2012

  • Great presentations start with great discussions

    New Google presentations editor announced.

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  • Opportunities | HASTAC

    One reason to join the HASTAC site is the listing of papers, grants, and other fellowships on the site. The list seems to be very current. You can also post opportunities when you join. 

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  • Vicki Davis | HASTAC

    I've joined the HASTAC website and am impressed with how they have people connecting and sharing. You can earn badges, blog, share and join groups. It has a very polished look. Unfortunately, you can't link to Twitter and your other social media accounts, but that is OK. Still learning and hope that others will show me how this works.

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  • Youth APPLab | HASTAC

    This is a winner in the digital media badges for lifelong learning competition.

    “In the Youth APPLab, middle and high school students in the District of Columbia design software and mobile apps in an after-school program that supplements their formal learning in computer science. They conceive, develop and co-create their own Android Apps. Ultimately, students and their apps will compete for internships with technology-based startup companies in and around the DC area.”

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  • badges | HASTAC

    This is an example of how tagging is so helpful. If you're following the open badge movement, you can look at the HASTAC badges tag on their website and stay up to date. 

    For netgened students, badges relate to game based learning as they are part of gamifying learning: a trend that will continue to influence education. 

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  • What is Gamification? | Gamification.org

    This wiki is about the gamification of websites including those in education. The entire wiki is dedicated to this technique. This was also one of the trends in the 2012 HOrizon Report.

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  • Seven standards for effective professional development | eSchool News

    The American Association of School Administrators has redefinned effective PD to include: 

    “Learning Communities: Groups of teachers who are committed to continuous improvement, shared responsibility, and collective goal alignment.
    Leadership: Skillful leaders who develop capacity, advocate, and create support systems for professional learning.
    Resources: Prioritizing, monitoring, and coordinating resources for professional learning.
    Data: Using a variety of sources and types of student, educator, and school system data to plan, assess, and evaluate professional learning.
    Learning Designs: Integrating theories, research, and models of human learning to achieve intended outcomes.
    Implementation: Applying research and sustained support for implementation of professional learning to foster long-term change.
    Outcomes: Aligning outcomes with educator performance and student curriculum standards.”

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  • Seven standards for effective professional development | eSchool News

    American Association of School Administrators has redefined their standards for professional development. This article at eschoolnews gives an overview of those changes.

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  • Personal Learning Networks for Educators: 10 Tips | Getting Smart

    Mark Wagner has created a very useful guide for educators about personal learning networks. This is an excellent read for those who want to use social media to build a PLN.

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    • Lexicon Valley: Why we think we can’t end a sentence with a preposition. – Slate Magazine

      A show about Grammar. This is the first episode. Some grammar teachers could incorporate this show “about the mysteries of English” into their classes.

       In the first episode of Slate’s new language program Lexicon Valley, producer Mike Vuolo and On the Media co-host Bob Garfield explore the history of the terminal preposition rule, and whether there are good reasons to follow it.

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