Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 01/06/2013

  • How Professors Really Feel About Digital Technology [#Study] | EdTech Magazine

    The good news, technology has increased good relationships between professors and students — the bad, it costs more personal time and can increase stress. Also, only 6.3 of professors feel their university rewards digital contributions – something that will need to change in organizations that want to be known as 21st century e-learning powerhouses. In this scenario, a research paper in a journal may be viewed more positively than a MOOC with 100, 000 participants – which is counter to which would benefit the institution most in terms of “marketing” (a dirty word among many academicians, I know) but not even marketing – but also the future of the organization as they transition to bricks and clicks is at stake. Nice write up from Jimmy Daly (thanks for sharing with me on Google plus).  “As a follow-up to their study on how professors view online learning, Inside Higher Ed partnered with Babson Survey Research Group to explore how college professors and administrators interact with technology. The survey, summarized in Digital Faculty: Professors, Teaching and Technology, posed questions about digital learning content, e-books, social media, communication, learning management software and a variety of other technology-related issues. Here are a few key points from this excellent report.”

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  • QR Codes in the Elementary Classroom

    A nice presentation by Gwyneth Jones about QR codes in the elementary classroom and library. If you're looking for ideas and simple explanations, this is a great slideshow.

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  • Engagement Theory:

    A document that I've referenced about creating collaborative, engaging teams.  “Engagement theory is based upon the idea of creating successful collaborative teams that work on ambitious projects that are meaningful to someone outside the classroom. These three components, summarized by Relate-Create-Donate, imply that learning activities: occur in a group context (i.e., collaborative teams) are project-based have an outside (authentic) focus”

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