Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 01/01/2012

  • 11 Tools for the 21st Century Learner Support Wiki

    Here is the support wiki where teachers add their names and links to their blogs. How refreshing to see a school district helping teachers move into blogging. Not sure how some of them felt about their full names being on here, but I think this is great. 

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  • 11 Tools for the 21st Century Learner

    This is a course for Spring Branch ISD which uses a blog as the framework. I also love how 9 hours of professional development is being given for the educators in this course. We need more embedded PD that gives teachers an opportunity to embed their learning in their daily activity. Embedded PD is the key to transformational learning. While there is a time and place for getting away, we have traditionally only used that “away” method when we also need to use the “learn right here” method of delivery as well.

    Take a look at what Karen is doing here as you evaluate your pd delivery methods. I also have to admit that Spring Woods High school is one that has been an outstanding contributor to Flat Classroom in the past, so I personally know they are walking the walk here.

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  • So you want to write a book

    This very true post has me nodding my head about how much time it takes to write and publish a book. It will take over your life. I needed to read this post before sitting down tonday 3 of the binge writing of this first draft of book 2. I have never appreciated the tears and agony associated with book writing and have glamorized it. I do admit I Love writing with a capital L but the fact is I have dishes to wash and clothes to clean and a floor to mop and life makes it very hard to stop everything. in the end, I hope it is helpful to someone and can make a difference.

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  • The COW is dead… Long live the POW?

    David Truss challenges the thinking of computers on wheels and advocates instead having projectors on wheels. He is someone actually doing this so his words ring true to me.

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  • Let’s go do some math

    I love this reflection on Math by Alfred Thompson and the things that get kids excited.

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  • The Downes Prize 2011

    Stephen Downes shares his most popular links of 2011 and, as expected, there are some gems in there. his tongue in cheek “Downes prize” had me laughing, but you should read this post to look at the incredible links from the granddaddy of educational blogging who continues to be one of my favorite blogs in the world of education, bar none.

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