Could FriendFeed be used as StudentFeed?

A look inside friendfeed.

I've used friendfeed some, as much to keep all of my stuff “together” as anything else. There are things I like and dislike about the service, but this interview with the founder of Friendfeed by my favorite web guru, Jeremiah pretty much summarizes the service.

It really does a pretty good job of aggregating all of the stuff I do.

I've wondered if with all of the youtube channels, rss feeds, etc. what it would be like to set up a “studentfeed” of sorts. I wish I could compartmentalize it and remove it from the other things. I think this format is very easy and if the students put their feeds together for the teachers it would make it a bit easier.

I wouldn't want it to be publicly available, though. A big obstacle to more teachers using Web 2 is still the RSS reader that many teachers cannot get their arms around. It seems geeky and they don't get it until a great professional developer walks them through igoogle or netvibes set up. Still, some don't really understand how to add to their pages.

Part of why I am able to innovate in the classroom is that I do “play” with a lot of tools — sort of a personal R&D. I always believe that we must play before we produce.

This is one of those services I'm kind of tinkering with a little. Not ready to get hyper and excited yet, but it is kind of cool.

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7 thoughts on “Could FriendFeed be used as StudentFeed?

  1. Great idea, like you I wouldn’t want my students’ feeds public. Someone developed Youth Twitter so perhaps someone out there is developing a YouthFeed.
    Coursefeed may be an option in some school districts, but the connection to Facebook is a limiting factor.

  2. What a cool idea for FreindFeed. Our district instructional technologists have been exploring Web 2.0 applications to help our teachers and you are not alone in having difficulties getting teachers (and some in our public) up to speed on things like RSS. We’ve had some success with showing the CommonCraft: RSS in plain English to our people.

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