Cool Tool #1: Show Yourself Widget

I have been recently reminded that I need to remember to tell people HOW to do things and point out some really cool tools out there. So, I'm beginning a series called Cool Tools.

Show Yourself Widget
Cool Tool #1 is a must use tool for bloggers, the Show Yourself Widget takes all of the places you share and puts it in a neat, tidy widget that you can embed on your blog.

Wes Fryer emailed me the other day and said he saw it on my blog and thanks, it was cool. And it hit me…. I just didn't even think to share it… over 1400 of you never see my blog and read over RSS.

Here is (sort of) how mine looks, go to my blog and look on the left for the compressed, neat and tidy version.)

Here is how you do it:

Go to Show Yourself Widget and share your ID's. Notice that you can add all types of other ID's at the bottom, Second Life, etc. And if you don't have it, don't check it, it will dissappear. Remember to customize the name at the top.

Then, copy the code, and go into the template of your blog and paste it there. Viola!

And after you do this… I think I'm going to have to go to everyone of your blogs and see where you share.

Cool Tool Summary
Tool: Show Yourself Widget
Cost: Free
Use: For bloggers to show their readers where they share.
Tip: When you first start using it, post it on your blog, but don't forget to do a blog post about it so those in your RSS reader will see where you share!

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