5 Ways to Leverage Technology to Meet Common Core Standards @techsavvyed

Ben Rimes talks about connecting technology and Common Core standards.  As a Technology Coordinator in Michigan, Ben is passionate about technology in the classroom, digital storytelling, and social media.

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Show Notes: Ben Rimes – #61 – Five Ways to Leverage Technology to Meet the Common Core Standards

Ben took every standard related to technology in the Common Core standards and created a word cloud. He found several related words common to standards across content areas.

Publishing Online. He talks with Vicki about publishing and collaborating online which is a common standard in all content areas.  He suggests using wikis, blogs, videos, and methods for protecting students’ privacy while still facilitating collaboration.

Digital Citizenship and Privacy. He shares how his district protects privacy. They have many ways for students to share their work.

When Ben Rimes took every Common Core standard relating to technology and generated a word cloud, this is what he saw. Listen to his observations and how it has him helping teachers use Common Core with technology.

Video. Ben is especially passionate about using video for authentic assessments.  He recommends using the technology tools in the learning process and reminds us not to expect perfection from our students all the time. He suggests to prepare potential audiences for viewing the learning process versus the final product.

Video and Math. Use Ben's Video Story Problem Channel to give cool math problems to students. Students can create their own.

Technology and Perfection Paralysis. How Ben responds to those who claim that schools should only publish and share perfect work from their students. Ben shares what he said to his school board when they asked just that question about his fourth grade class.

Use a wordcloud tool like Wordle to paste your standards in. Use it to discuss overall patterns in the standards with your teachers to get the big picture. What a great technique! Thanks to Ben for sharing it.

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