Created by Russel Tarr a Teacher from France is a free site for teachers created by teacher Russel Tarr. This site has EVERYTHING including Fakebook, graphic organizers, and video game makers.  Russel teaches in Tolouse France, and decided to use his programming skills to make the graphic organizers he wished he could use on the web. (I talk about Classtools in the Prewriting Chapter 10 of my book Reinventing Writing.) If Facebook and Twitter are blocked for you, this is your ANSWER! (And yes, it is FREE.)

Russel Tarr

Listen to Russel Tarr talk about his awesome site

Show Notes: Russel Tarr ECM #63, Fake Applications for Real Life Lessons 

On, Russel has created tools for students including FakeBook, timeline tools, diagram makers, hamburger paragraph makers, SMS generators, and a QR code treasure hunt. (Go to to see them all.)

He says he enjoyed programming and creating what other teachers and he needed for teaching students. FakeBook is very popular among history teachers.

You can't access Facebook in school. You can't access Twitter in school. You can channel that interest into what they're learning in school using Fake Twitter and Fakebook.Russel Tarr
Teacher, Tolouse France and Creator of

Russel especially likes the chemistry FakeBook pages for particular elements, and never dreamed the tool could be used in that way.  He has also created Twister, which is a fake tweet generator were students can create tweets in ‘character’ of historical figures. Russel never thought the site would be so popular, and continues to be amazed at the positive feedback he receives.

Listen to Russel Tarr talk about his awesome site

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  1. I have been using the Arcade Games for years. That might have been his first offering. My students love it for learning vocabulary, and the wordshoot game is especially great on the Smartboard! What I particularly like about the arcade games is that it’s a five for one deal…you put in one set of words and definitions, and you get five games!

    • That is sooooo true! I split up words and have different kids make games and we rotate computers!!! Awesome point – I am so glad you made it for everyone reading this post!!Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher

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