Erin Klein on Classroom Design

Every Classroom Matters episode 19

Erin Klein @KleinErin is an interior designer turned second-grade teacher from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Her room is epic and designed to be attractive and also take into account the research on classroom design. (Read Mindshift's Popular Article: To Foster Productivity and Creativity in Class, Ditch the Desks! which features her work.)

Erin Klein's Reading Nook in her second grade classroom.
Erin Klein, second grade teacher

Erin Klein, Second Grade teacher is an interior designer turned teacher who focuses on “aesthetically pleasing brain-friendly classrooms.” If you're redesigning your classroom, you'll want to listen.

Erin's buzzword is “aesthetically pleasing brain-friendly classrooms” and we should all aspire to this. Erin Klein is my go-to person to understand how we REALLY should be arranging our classrooms. (And those teachers with paper-covered walls might need to rethink their approach.)

Every elementary teacher should listen to this podcast. Elementary admins who want to improve learning and retention will want to learn the basics.

One of my favorite things said in this podcast was when Erin busted the myth that covering the wall with posters might just not be the best thing for learning, instead suggests that teachers rotate material at eye level.

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Twitter: @KleinErin

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