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I enjoy reading Guy Kawasaki — maybe it is my b-school training (from before I turned teacher) that brings me back.

If you're trying to understand Twitter, Guy has a great post with Chris Brogan from Podcamp where he asks about twitter.

Here is my favorite quote from the interview:

Question: When I go to the Twitter home page there’s nothing but tweets about people’s cats, people waking up, people going to sleep, and tweets in other languages—what do I care about this crap?

Answer: The Twitter public feed is only interesting in the sense of thinking, “Wow, even with a big group of connections on Twitter, there’s these other several thousand people I have no idea about doing their own thing.” This almost immediately gets boring. Don’t care about it. Twitter is about you and your connections. It’s a tool that requires you to refine a bit.

And Chris is so right. The people who don't “get” twitter need to add some great folks into their Twitter feed. I learned about the Virginia Tech shootings via twitter and much of my current news is from there. Sure, I don't have time to twit that often, but when I'm there it is a very rich read. In fact, I hit twitter before I read my RSS reader — just to “catch up” and see what is going on.

If you're following the trends in social media, it is a must read.
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4 thoughts on “Chris Brogan about Twitter

  1. When I was trying to explain twitter to my kids my husband piped up and used the analogy to ham radios. He said “Twitter is like what Ham radios were in the old days. You had people on ham radios that sent out a message to using them to their network and got back instantaneous responses from people who have similar interests to yourself.”

    I thought this is a really good way to explain what twitter is like to people who have not experienced it. Truck driver going a long the road — breaks down — sends out message to all his friends and next thing you know you get help in some many different ways that you would never expect.

    Pretty good explanation from a husband who is not into technology. He is an embarrassment to me but at least he has read The World is Flat.

    And yes I read my twitter feed before my blog feed.


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