Choose Your Own Adventure Professional Development

Professional Development can be an adventure! Yes, you can create fun, exciting learning. In this show, learn how Laurie Guyon uses hyperdocs and a “choose your own adventure” format. Not only does this format excites teachers about learning new tools, but also many of them now use this method with students. With this in mind, learn about this approach to teaching and how you can use it in your classroom.

 choose your own adventure professional development

Learn about the “Choose Your Own Adventure” Teaching Method with Laurie Guyon


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Laurie Guyon – Bio As Submitted

Laurie Guyon is the Coordinator for Model Schools at WSWHE BOCES and a trainer with NYSCATE. In 2020, CoSN named Laurie one of the NextGen: Emerging EdTech Leaders.
She is part of the first DigCit Institute Global Impactor Cohort. Additionally, Laurie is a member of the NYSCATE Social Media Team and Volunteer Hall of Fame.

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