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Mattering Mondays on Every Classroom Matters

angela-maiersAngela Maiers, author of Liberating Genius and Classroom Habitudes and founder of the Choose to Matter movement, helps educators and parents understand 9 aspects of mattering to help us reach every child.  There are methods, lesson plans, and projects that can help schools and parents help children reach their full potential. More than this, teachers, educators and each person has an innate need and drive to feel they matter. You can make this possible by how you treat others and yourself.

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Mattering Mondays with Angela Maiers

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Episode 3: The Right Questions Show Parents, Peers, and Students that You Care

Episode 2: You Matter: Before You Help Students, You Must Help Yourself

Episode 1: I See You [How to Help Kids Know that You See Them]

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choose to matter angela Maiers choose to matter angela Maiers

This bi-weekly series of interviews is part of the Every Classroom Matters podcast will inspire you with practical ways to help add meaning and mattering to your classroom.

Angela Maiers inspires me to live a better life, love more deeply, and teach with excellence. She is not only smart and well-educated, she has a heart for children and how to reach every child. Her work inspires me and my students and I'm grateful that Angela agreed to do this series of important conversations. As we recorded this series of ten shows, I lost track of time as we delved into some of the issues that cause so many heartbreaks for us as teachers. Thank you, Angela for this conversation and for helping me and all these teachers out there feel like we matter. –Vicki Davis 


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