How to Engage Students in Zoom and Teach Effectively at a Distance

Aaron Johnson shares the techniques to help us do it better

How to Engage Students in Zoom and Teach Effectively at a Distance

Aaron Johnson Shares His Way to Engage Students Even at a Distance Many of us are learning to traverse between online and in-person learning environments. Our guest Aaron Johnson, author of Online Teaching with Zoom, shares with us how to better engage students through Zoom, so we can all teach effectively at a distance. Sponsor: […]

Rather Stand

poem by Vicki Davis

Rather Stand by Vicki Davis I’d rather stand alone for the right thing … than be popular for the wrong one. I’d rather be wise than smart. I’d rather find a child’s strength than point out her weakness. I’d rather find a child crying than let him cry alone. I’d rather encourage a colleague with […]

Save Time Digitizing Your Worksheets with TeacherMade

The fast, free tool to help you with distance or hybrid learning

One of the biggest challenges we teachers have faced this year has been maintaining our quality of instruction in the midst of change. There are some simple answers, though. This post will share how teachers can quickly digitize handouts, check-ins, worksheets, quizzes, lab reports, and paper of all kinds that support classroom activities.  TeacherMade can […]

9 EdTech Ideas to Use Now

Spanish and STEAM teacher Rachelle Dene Poth shares her favorite EdTech tools

9 EdTech Ideas to Use Now

9 EdTech Ideas to Use Now with Rachelle Rene Poth Spanish and STEAM teacher Rachelle Dene Poth shares 9 of her favorite EdTech ideas that you can easily use now, no matter what your classroom environment requirements are. Teachers are looking for easy and helpful resources, and right now with so much going on searching […]

Don’t Fall Out of the Boat: Lessons for Life with Vicki Davis

Don’t Fall Out of the Boat with Vicki Davis Today’s 700th-anniversary message is a gift to teachers, educators, and parents everywhere. This show is a lifeline for those who need an anchor of purpose. Teachers have been confiding in Vicki that in such a turbulent time as this, many of them feel like they’re careening […]

Free Conference! Design and Delivery in a Blended Learning Jungle

August 18-20, 2020 -a Free PD Experience for Blended Learning


This school year is dependent more than ever upon our ability to blend face to face (hopefully) and online learning. Whether you have blended, hybrid, or 100% digital instruction, join me for this free online PD conference. I’ll be the closing keynote and discuss “7 Ways to Redefine Reading Instruction with Technology in a Blended […]

7 Things to Consider As We Return to Learn This Fall

7 Things to Consider as We Return to Learn This Fall

As we prepare to learn this fall, we need to consider some teaching best practices. In this episode we cover quite a few topics: What the fall will look like (we think) How to plan for instruction How to differentiate online instruction Blended learning best practices How to support parents Using community resources to support […]

Back to School Twitter Chat Tuesday, July 28th – 8 pm EDT #Back2SchoolChat


As we prepare to go back to school, we need to share best practices and ideas for learning. The exchange of ideas and building of our Personal Learning Network (PLN) is part of our growth and learning. On Tuesday, July 28th at 8 pm EDT, I’ll be co-hosting a #Back2SchoolChat with Advancement Courses. Conversation topics […]

Morgan Green the Idea Machine with Ideas on How to Improve This Fall

Morgan Green the Idea Machine with Ideas on How to Improve This Fall

Educator Morgan Green is an idea machine. Here she gives us the ways she’s working to improve her classroom this fall. Listen to Morgan Green Give Us Ideas to Improve This Fall   Listen to the show on Apple Podcasts or Stitcher Stream by clicking here. Subscribe to the Show Get Credit! Some schools, districts, and organizations allow credit […]

42 Distance Learning and Inspiring Resources for Educators

inspiring resources for educators

Over the past months, many educators have been sharing resources, best practices, and more about distance learning. I’ve compiled many of the items from this blog, the podcast, and other places to share the hottest items in case you missed them. Summer Learning 20 Ways to Personalize Your Learning This Summer – a blog post […]