How Do We Evaluate School Leaders? What Does the Research Say?

Dr. Toby Travis, Headmaster and leadership consultant, talks about the effective methods of evaluating school leaders, focusing on the research. Listen to the Show Listen to the show on iTunes or Stitcher Stream by clicking here. Resources School leaders can complete a free self-assessment online at The Trust Edge by David Horsager School Leadership That Works by […]

Rewiring Education: Lessons Learned from Apple’s First VP of Education

Episode 391 with John Couch

John Couch Apple VP

John Couch was hired by Steve Jobs as Apple’s first VP of Education. Learn about the journey to improve classrooms, the early research on classroom improvement and why improvement is happening but not everywhere. John also announces a contest for teachers to share what innovative work they are doing in order to enter a contest […]

Overcoming 5 Barriers to the Implementation of PBL

John Larmer on Episode 385 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast

385 5 barriers to pbl john larmer

John Larmer, the editor at the Buck Institute, talks about common barriers to effective project-based learning and how to overcome them. Project Pals has a useful classroom collaborative platform that lets you create and manage projects for your students. Right now, my students are creating and managing a project as they are creating a podcast […]

Gold Standard Project Based Learning: Project Based Teaching

Suzie Boss on Episode 384 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast

384 suzie boss project based teaching

After much research, Suzie Boss shares what makes excellent project-based teaching and gives a sneak peek into her book by the same name. Project Pals has a useful classroom collaborative platform that lets you create and manage projects for your students. Right now, my students are creating and managing a project as they are creating […]

The neuroscience of play, games, and learning (and why Fortnite might not be so bad)

Episode 379 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast

379 - play gaming and learning (1)

Dr Dave Neale is a researcher in the psychology of play and learning at the Centre for Play, Education, Development and Learning (PEDAL) at The University of Cambridge. Today he talks about the neuroscience of play, games, and learning in the classroom. (We also discuss a little about Fortnight.) Advancement Courses has more than 200 […]

How School Leaders Can Motivate Instructional Innovation: A Teacher’s Quest for Progress

Episode 376 with Thomas Arnett on the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast

376 Thomas Arnett

Thomas Arnett, a senior research fellow in education for the Christensen Institute, talks about a recent paper he co-authored about “The Teacher’s Quest for Progress,” some new research that can help all of us with professional development. Advancement Courses has more than 200 graduate level online professional development courses for K-12 teachers. You can take […]

How to Unleash Student Motivation to Succeed

Chris Holmes on episode 361 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast

Student Motivation to succeed

As many educators know who have studied the growth mindset, teaching motivation and metacognitive principles is challenging.  While he started as a journalism teacher, now Chris works with students to try to help them understand motivation and success principles. He will share with us what works (and doesn’t) and also will tackle misconceptions and misapplications […]


Suzanne Cresswell in the Top 10-Minute Teacher Show of 2018 (so far)

Students have reasons for how they behave, particularly if they have learning differences and learn in unique ways. Occupational and physical therapist, Suzanne Cresswell, helps us understand children and why some of them just can’t stop moving. We’re counting them down! This is the #1 Episode of Season 3 of the 10-Minute Teacher.   Sponsor: Advancement Courses has […]

5 Awesome Things for Teachers to Do This Summer

Listen or read this post

Summer is an important time for educators. While some people debate what educators should or shouldn’t do over the summer, ultimately it is YOUR summer and YOUR plans. Here are five things to consider as you plan your summer. Now, there are so many different ways you can spend your summer. If you’re not intentional […]

Setting Goals Helps You Get the Most Out of Activity Monitors (and Life)

Day 9 of 80 Days of Excellence

activity monitor success

Some people think just being aware of something is enough to improve. They think that to say less profanity that they’ll just have someone put a penny in a jar when they say a curse word. Or, they’ll track their steps so they’ll notice them and work to take more steps and get more exercise. […]