7 Ways to Use Canva to Create Compelling Graphics

Canva is a tool to create infographics, social media graphics, and more. If you need to gain traffic, you need a graphic. Canva is to graphic design what the Keurig coffee maker is to drinking coffee. It is free, but they make money by having stock images you can buy for $1 a piece if you want them. Everything I did was free. Here are some ways I've used Canva in the last 24 hours along with a tutorial video at the bottom on how to use it.

1. Promote what is happening in your classroom or area of work

Create memories or share what students are doing RIGHT NOW in powerful ways. I've done this with the featured image on this blog post above.

2. Report on Progress and Build Your Image

Canva used to make a promotion of what is happening at school.

I've been asked to promote our new building project in the elementary school and quickly made this image in Canva to share with our school community.

This graphic is of the building at the elementary school. Remember that graphics are more widely shared and seen on Facebook, Twitter, and Beyond and they'll be shared more if you include a graphic in your update. Canva lets you do that. People like this and it gets shared beyond your immediate page. I just checked and this image shared yesterday afternoon has been seen by 444 people. That is more than we have students in our school. Great PR.

3. Promote an Event

Our Grandparent's Auction is Coming Up Saturday. I have a series of graphics that we're sharing to promote this event.

A reminder of an auction charity event created using Canva

NOTE TO READER: The Grandparent's Auction raises money for building projects at the school. Here we're pointing out our current project and reminding everyone of the times. This was sent out through Facebook and our blog.

Canva used for Grandparent's Auction reminder

NOTE TO READER: Harness the power of powerful moments and let the principle of transference work in y our favor. Here we have our basketball coach of our girls varsity basketball team raising her arms in victory when we won state this year. Plus kids. We love them. Another reminder of our auction

4. Point out websites or tools you're using.

This is another piece I used to promote some student work. Links seem to get lost in status updates. I think this is a better way to do it.

Websites used in my Computer Class

NOTE TO READER: Websites we're using in Class – made with Canva. Oops, I see that I messed up on the text — I'll fix before sharing with parents. ;-) I want parents to know about the websites and the locations of our collaborations this month.

5 – Promote Positive Messages

Again, sharing graphics and quotes about what you believe is a fantastic way to promote your school or your own beliefs and thoughts as a teacher. Every like or share is someone spreading your message further. Plus, it is great to have more positive in the world to counter the negatives that come across our feeds every day!

Promote positive messages

Readers Note: Promote positive messages relating to your school or organization.

6- Update Graphics for Your Website

A new banner

New “Featured In” Graphic

Update the graphics for your website. I have been struggling with Photoshop and my header graphics, so I played around last night and came up with a header (now on this blog) that is pretty close to what I'll end up using. I also worked on the “featured in” graphic and again, am pretty close. I've got some alignment issues and a tweak on the “Featured in” Word.  It won't let you do transparent png's so you'll still need PhotoShop for knockouts. (If you don't know what a knockout is, don't knock yourself out, it isn't that important for you.;-)

7 – Redo Your “Identity Graphics” for Social Media

This is where many of us need help. While there are makers for Facebook covers, etc. you have to go into each one and create. You can have the same graphics in canva and making a new image is a snap as you pull them together. The only thing you need to know how to do, as I share in the tutorial video below, is to customize the color to match your website or blog.

How To Video for Canva using Facebook Identity Graphics

8 – Have students share their eportfolios and create graphics of all kinds

I was tweeting about Canva and teacher Deborah Morgan shared her thoughts on Canva.

9 – Graphics for serious bloggers

If you're a serious blogger, this app is for you too. As Deborah and I tweeted back and forth, uber-blogger Guy Kawasaki (author of APE – a great book for Self Publishers) and he shared this with me and Deborah.

Why Canva Belongs in Your Classroom and Personal Toolkit

If you're like me and you tinker with a lot of apps, it is rare that I find one that keeps drawing me back in all day long. There was such a backlog of things I'd been fighting with that I needed to do — publicity for the school, new header for my blog, new Facebook graphics, it is such a relief to finally be able to do it. I also like that I don't need so many apps to be able to do basic work for my blog – I can use just one.

I agree with you, Deborah — Love me some Canva too!

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