How to make a viral video: Read the Viral Video Manifesto (McGraw-Hill, 2012)

Do you want to know how to make a viral video?

The "Diet Coke and Mentos" guys have shown how to make a viral video. They can do it and they can write too. There are a lot of fun examples if you're going to teach this to others.

The “Diet Coke and Mentos” guys have shown how to make a viral video. They can do it and they can write too. There are a lot of fun examples of how to (and not to) make a viral video.

Well, you can't go wrong listening to the “Diet Coke and Mentos” guys (Stephen Voltz and Fritz Grobe) who have shown us how to make a viral video over and over. This book is definitive guidebook to the very challenging task of defining the elements that make a video go viral.

The Viral Video Manifesto: Why Everything You Know is Wrong and How to Do What Really Works is a fast, interesting read.

While the first tip “Be unforgettable” can be challenging, I found that the book was full of practical advice.

Why the Viral Video Manifesto is the definitive guide on how to make a viral video

As a teacher who teaches students various film shots, camera angles, and styles, you just can't go to Hollywood on this one.

The viral video manifesto

This is the guidebook on how to make a viral video. I enjoyed reading it.

There is a definite feel, camera angles, and other things that make videos go viral and this book does a great job of explaining it with lots of examples. In fact, they often point out how videos go wrong when they have too many camera angles and how what works for Hollywood and TV is exactly the WRONG thing to do because it will cause people to click away.

I found myself nodding yes throughout the book as they put into words things that are just true about the videos I'm willing to share. (They are emotive, no one is too badly hurt, the people are “real life” etc.)

The book is full of QR codes and links to videos (which are also available on their Viral Video manifesto website.)

Recommended reading for: All film teachers, anyone who manages a YouTube channel that needs to get views, and students of marketing everywhere (or maybe just someone who really really wants to have a viral video!)

It is a quick read and very interesting

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