Practical, Awesome AI: Unlock the Power of Bing Chat Enterprise

In today's show, I talk with Mark Sparvell about a tool that has become essential to my lesson planning and work in my AP Computer Science Principles course: Bing Chat Enterprise. If your school has Microsoft Office 365 A3 or A5 licenses, you can activate this feature. It's an amazing tool that saves time and stands out with its robust privacy features, ensuring the security of student data while offering powerful AI functionalities to streamline tasks for teachers and administrators.

This show is sponsored and includes some advertorial content. It's only my second podcast this year featuring such content, which I choose to do only when the product is one I personally use, and when it's both newsworthy and beneficial for educators. The show is unscripted, and all opinions are my own. Enjoy!

Bing Chat Enterprise

✏️Note from Vicki: I'm back! For those of you who noticed a slight absence, I had corrective 👁️ eye surgery and now can see so clearly. However, the journey to get here was one where I had to significantly limit my time on electronics which meant the podcast and newsletter took a short break when I couldn't look at my devices. I can't stress the importance of all of us teachers taking care of themselves if I wouldn't pause and do it myself! Right?

But I'm back and will be posting awesome content weekly from here on out with a short break at Christmas. Thanks to those of you who emailed me to check on me. I'm great now even if playing a bit of catch up! 😀 — Vicki Davis 

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Microsoft 's Free AI Course for Educators

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This week's guest

Mark is an award winning educator and leader with over 25 years of experience driving whole school improvement. Mark is passionate about leveraging technology to humanize learning and give every the ‘best seat in the house’ . Mark founded and co-leads the community which is closing in on 30,000 members and is engaged in a number of organizations around supporting mental health and developing social-emotional skills.

Some of the features of Bing Chat Enterprise as discussed in the show.


Hosts, Guests & Featured People:

Mark Sparvell

Show Notes

Show Notes:

00:00:00:22 – Introduction to the Ten Minute Teacher Podcast

  • Host Vicki Davis introduces the podcast and teases the upcoming discussion on AI in education with guest Mark Sparvell from Microsoft.

00:00:43:03 – The Big Deal of Bing Chat Enterprise for Faculty

  • Vicki Davis and Mark Sparvell discuss the significance of Bing Chat Enterprise for faculty and its unique benefits in the educational environment, emphasizing its security and privacy features.

00:01:15:17 – AI Tools in Education: Safety and Security

  • Mark Sparvell explains the importance of using secure AI tools in education to protect vulnerable student data and maintain privacy.

00:02:11:03 – The Secure Advantage of Bing Chat Enterprise

  • Discussion on how Bing Chat Enterprise ensures end-to-end security for faculty, with a focus on data protection and the absence of third-party plugins.

00:02:47:17 – Practical Applications of AI in Education

  • Vicki Davis shares concerns about using AI tools for sensitive tasks like writing IEPs and emails, prompting Mark to explain the safety of data in public AI tools versus Bing Chat Enterprise.

00:03:19:10 – Understanding Data Security with AI Tools

  • Mark Sparvell describes how data is handled in other generative AI tools and the continuous learning process of AI models, highlighting the security measures of Bing Chat Enterprise.

00:04:19:06 – Bing Chat Enterprise: A Secure, Cost-Effective Solution

  • Mark illustrates how Bing Chat Enterprise integrates securely within the Bing search engine, providing a cost-effective solution for schools with existing Microsoft licenses.

00:05:11:15 – Streamlining Administrative Tasks with AI

  • Mark Sparvell gives examples of how school administrators can use Bing Chat Enterprise to efficiently handle extensive policy reviews and other administrative tasks.

00:05:42:20 – Interacting with AI for Educational Content

  • Vicki Davis discusses the interactive capabilities of Bing Chat Enterprise with PDFs and other educational materials, and Mark shares a story of its practical use.

00:06:55:23 – Quick Data Analysis for Educators

  • Mark Sparvell talks about how Bing Chat Enterprise can assist teachers in quickly analyzing and summarizing educational content, such as books or policy documents.

00:08:07:03 – The Learning Assistant Feature of Bing Chat Enterprise

  • Vicki Davis and Mark Sparvell discuss how Bing Chat Enterprise can act as a learning assistant by providing page references and summaries for educational content.

00:09:16:14 – Bing Chat Enterprise as a Tool for Various Educational Roles

  • Mark Sparvell expands on the versatility of Bing Chat Enterprise, explaining how it can be used by different educational staff, including school nurses, to dialogue with data.

00:10:13:17 – Natural Language Engagement with Technology in Education

  • The conversation turns to the natural evolution of engaging with technology using natural language, with examples relevant to school nurses and other staff.

00:11:37:21 – AI for Trend Analysis and Summarization in School Health Data

  • Mark Sparvell discusses how school nurses can use Bing Chat Enterprise to analyze health trends and summarize student health data securely.

00:12:26:04 – The Security and Accessibility of Bing Chat Enterprise for Schools

  • Vicki Davis emphasizes the security and ease of access that Bing Chat Enterprise offers to schools, allowing them to use AI tools confidently without compromising student data.

00:13:29:01 – Intelligent Agents for School Policy Induction

  • Mark Sparvell shares how Bing Chat Enterprise can simplify the induction process for new staff by providing instant access to school policies and procedures.

00:14:33:00 – Educator Experiences with Bing Chat Enterprise

  • Vicki Davis asks Mark Sparvell about the initial reactions of educators when they see the capabilities of Bing Chat Enterprise in action.

00:15:25:00 – Bing Chat Enterprise as an Educator's Copilot

  • Mark Sparvell likens Bing Chat Enterprise to having a copilot, assisting educators with tasks like improving grammar and fluency in their documentation.

00:16:43:16 – AP Computer Science Principles and Bing Chat Enterprise

  • Vicki Davis shares her personal experience using Bing Chat Enterprise to enhance her AP Computer Science Principles class, highlighting its effectiveness and efficiency.

00:17:47:08 – The Future of Education with AI

  • Mark Sparvell discusses the potential for AI to change educational practices, using the example of students creatively engaging with literature through AI.

00:18:23:04 – Conclusion: The Impact of Bing Chat Enterprise in Education

  • Vicki Davis wraps up the conversation by encouraging educators to explore Bing Chat Enterprise and utilize its powerful features for enhancing classroom learning.

00:21:03:23 – Microsoft's AI Course for Educators

  • Vicki Davis promotes Microsoft's free AI course for educators, urging listeners to sign up and stay informed about best practices for AI in education.

00:21:53:08 – Podcast Outro

  • John closes the episode, directing listeners to Vicki Davis's various social media platforms for more educational content.


This transcript was generated by AI and proofed for accuracy by humans. 😀

Introduction to the Episode 00:00:00:22 – 00:00:43:01 John This is the Ten Minute Teacher podcast, with your host, Vicki Davis.

Sponsor Message and Episode Kick-off 00:00:43:03 – 00:01:13:14 Vicki Davis Today's sponsor is Microsoft Education. Stay tuned at the show's end to learn more about their artificial intelligence course for educators. As we continue to talk about A.I., we have brought my friend Mark Sparvell back on the show from Microsoft to talk about something we did not cover in the last episode. So, Mark, we're going to discuss Bing Chat Enterprise for faculty, and this is actually a really big deal, isn't it?

00:01:13:15 – 00:01:15:17 Mark Sparvell It is, yeah. It's a really exciting release.

The Significance of Bing Chat Enterprise for Faculty 00:01:15:17 – 00:01:27:00 Vicki Davis We have access to so many different AI tools. What makes this one different and truly such a big deal for faculty? Because it really is something that every single person in school can use.

Privacy and Security in Education Tools 00:01:27:03 – 00:02:11:01 Mark Sparvell The big deal in education is that we're working with our most vulnerable populations, our students, and student data. We're managing privacy all the time. The tools that we use, especially in education, need to be safe and secure. What goes in is safe. What comes out is safe. A key thing about Bing Chat Enterprise is that it's secure end-to-end. If you have an enterprise-level license with Microsoft, then all of your faculty have access to Bing Chat Enterprise. It'll just pop up. You will see a little green button at the top that says ‘Protected'.

Data Privacy and the Advantages of Bing Chat Enterprise 00:02:11:03 – 00:03:19:08 Mark Sparvell At the bottom, you'll see another message which says your personal data is basically yours. So Microsoft is not accessing that data. It's not using that data to train the language model. And it doesn't allow third-party plugins that might use that data. So, unlike some other generative AI tools where people might be crossing their fingers, this is a commercial-grade secure tool where you get all the benefits of chat functions, all of those generative tools, but knowing that your information is your information.

Practical Applications of Bing Chat Enterprise in Education 00:03:19:10 – 00:05:42:20 Vicki Davis I'll just give you some examples. When ChatGPT came out, I saw some special ed folks saying, “Oh, it's helping me write my IEPs.” And I'm like, “No, it's helping me write these emails to parents.” And I'm like, “No. Bad idea.” So help us understand, in a traditional large language model that's open to the public, when you type in that chat, what could happen to that data?

Interacting with Data and Documents Using Bing Chat Enterprise 00:05:42:20 – 00:08:16:00 Mark Sparvell With Bing Chat Enterprise, you can interact with massive documents. For example, a busy school principal can have Bing Chat Enterprise go through a 78-page policy document from the State Department and ask it to summarize it, create a SWOT analysis, or provide an executive summary for the Parent Governing Council. It can also generate questions to check understanding of the key policy recommendations, all while knowing that this confidential document is staying within the organization.

Bing Chat Enterprise as a Learning Assistant 00:08:16:01 – 00:10:13:14 Vicki Davis What's really cool to me is whatever I'm in, I can open it up and it can interact with what I have on the page. So PDFs, like I have this massive PDF for AP Computer Science principles, pull it up and ask it questions. Have you done anything like that with PDFs? Can you tell me a story?

Real-World Examples and the Future of Education with AI 00:10:13:17 – 00:12:26:04 Mark Sparvell Yes, one of the really exciting features for busy administrators and teachers is that this gives you a reasoning engine that sits on top of those massive documents. I was actually helping a teacher today with a picture book in a PDF form. She opened up the PDF, clicked on chat, and was able to ask questions about the content on the screen.

Closing Thoughts and Encouragement to Use Bing Chat Enterprise 00:12:26:04 – 00:14:32:22 Vicki Davis This is the incredible thing, Mark, is that I was present in the summer and I know you've been presenting a lot and talking about how eventually we will be able to converse with our textbooks and all the things that we have on our computer, but that's already here now. It's exponential change and it's happening and it's secure.

Final Sponsor Message and Sign-off 00:14:33:00 – 00:21:53:08 Vicki Davis So thanks, Mark, for sharing. And Mark has an amazing YouTube channel where he shares lots of secrets. So thanks, Mark, for coming on the show, and I'm really excited. Microsoft has an amazing artificial intelligence course for educators that will help you and your education team have the knowledge you need to understand the best practices for artificial intelligence in schools.

00:21:53:08 – 00:21:53:08 John You've been listening to the Ten Minute Teacher podcast. If you want more content from Vicki Davis, you can find her on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube at Cool Cat Teacher. Thank you for listening.

Disclosure of Material Connection: This is a “sponsored podcast episode.” The company who sponsored it compensated me via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value to include a reference to their product. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I believe will be good for my readers and are from companies I can recommend. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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