Beta Test Aviary for Education

Beta Code for You:   CoolCat01
(CoolCat zero one)
Use this to sign up for Aviary in the (why should we give you access to aviary immediately) and because you're a reader, they'll bump you up on the Beta request list! (Don't ask me why I was picked, but hey, it looks like a great product and if I can help my readers — OH YES!)

There are lots of videos for me to process from #iste10 and I'm heading off the grid to spend time with family. But, I have a code for you to use to test out Aviary for Education.

There was a big article on Techcrunch about this product:

“The new product allows teachers to create walled off Aviary ecosystems, where students can upload their projects and collaborate without worrying about having their work shared with the web at large (and they won’t be able to see Aviary projects that were done by users outside of the classroom). Teachers are given control over these virtual classrooms, and can use the system to assign projects, messages all students at once, and to introduce students to Aviary’s tutorials.”

This is the sort of thing we're also wishing Fourquare and Gowalla would do with location based apps and a HUGE APPLAUSE to Aviary for doing this.  When I asked others about this at the Edublogger Café at #iste10 – they told me that it gives a lot of functionality like PhotoShop.

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