Believing in Yourself: I cried over the discovery of Paul Potts

This is when Paul Potts was discovered as part of Britain's Talent Search (like America's American Idol.) I have watched it twice and will watch it again.

I've never seen this but it is one of my very favorites and am adding it to my playlist of inspirational videos over at youtube.

He says that has a a problem with confidence. How many of us have this problem. How many of your students who don't “fit the part” are struggling for someone to discover their talent.

Your kids have talent. Look for it!

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7 thoughts on “Believing in Yourself: I cried over the discovery of Paul Potts

  1. Thank you for sharing!!! So many of my students (and my teachers) are afraid of failing that they just do not even attempt their endeavor!

    I look forward to sharing!!!

  2. The original Paul Potts video was released almost a year ago. Here it is:

    It doesn’t have ‘champion’ branding (whatever that is) and it isn’t cut up and spliced with text messages.

    And it’s a much better video.

    The original, a BBC video, is brilliantly crafted and edited. The message is there, but it’s up to the viewer to see it.

    The version you show here clubs you over the head with the message. Breaking up the video, repeating bits, destroying the integrity of the piece.

    I say, run the original, and let the video speak for itself.

  3. I watched this after it happened on a news show and then again on Oprah last year. To see women in the audience crying was unbelievable as it is someone gifted to draw raw emotion through singing – in Latin no less. He may not have all the qualities of an opera singer, but he is able to pull the emotion out and that is the most important quality. That comes from somewhere deep in himself. I bought the CD after watching it.

    So many students think they can make no difference.

  4. @mthtchr2 – It is such a good one.

    @downes – Thanks for the links, I had never heard of this (I guess I was the last one on the planet) nor did I know that there was an original video — thanks for pointing it out — I’ll have to go take a look at it. Thanks.

    However the story is told, it is a beautiful story and I found his website and blog yesterday and just was amazed at his humility and talent. This story is amazing and we all need amazing stories! Wow!

    Thanks for adding to the story line.

  5. My division head showed us the original video at the beginning of the school year – to remind us to search out our students’ talents.

    Thank you for bringing the year full circle!

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