Be spiffy with Gliffy

This summer as I draw up network charts for the school, redecorate my house, and draw up graphic organizers for my new textbooks, I will be using the same online tool: gliffy! (Hat tip to Daniel Riveria at SEGA Tech) You download NOTHING and it is FREE!

To sign up on gliffy just do the following:

1) Go to
2) Click Register.
3) Enter your name, e-mail, and a password
4) Name your document.
5) You're ready to draw.

Drawing Made Easy:

A) First I suggest that you click on the tabs on the left, they are very cool! You will see things for floorplans and for network schematics. The flow chart icons are great for graphic organizers.

B) Just click on the icon and drag it onto the drawing area. You can then drag the handlebars to make it bigger. You can click the little green rotate button at the top and turn it around.

C) Now, if you want to make a shape transparent or another color, just look on the right hand side at the paint bucket in the properties area. You can click on the “No fill” button so that you can see through the shapes if you are doing something like a Venn diagram.

You can share these documents and collaborate. This is a fascinating tool! You can export as a jpg or svg file like the one at the top of this post!

(Other edubloggers also like gliffy including David Warlick and Cheryl Oakes.)

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3 thoughts on “Be spiffy with Gliffy

  1. I am glad you are on summer “vacation”, I am enjoying reading your blog updates and counting down the days when I will be on summer vacation and ready to transform my blogging ideas.
    Cheryl Oakes
    ps, time for a new summer photo too.

  2. cool! I’ve been using Inspiration and converting diagrams and such. Looks like a neat tool. Love your helps…

  3. Thanks for this great review, description and tips of Gliffy. We really appreciate it. If you have any suggestion and/or feedback please drop us a line at our newly revamped website!
    debik at gliffy dot com

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