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Since last year’s post, 15 Real World Lessons You Can Teach Students Now, the free resources at EVERFI have just grown. From Financial Literacy to Mental Wellness to the Metaverse or vocabulary for younger children, EVERFI has even more free, world-class resources for you to use with your students.  In this post, I’ll share some new fantastic (and free) resources for you to use in your classroom. I’ll break it down by the idea, give a big-picture overview of the course and where I recommend that you integrate the lesson, the time it will take, and the grade level recommended for each lesson.


EVERFI sponsored this post. All opinions are my own. EVERFI now has 35 courses used by over 60,000 educators and growing.
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As always, I’ll share the resources and recommend you check them out for yourself with a free account to see where they best fit your curriculum. They are all standards-aligned and recently won the Digital Promise Product certification for excellence in research-based product design. 

EVERFI now has 35 courses used by over 60,000 educators and growing.

Idea #1 - Get Digital: Safety in the Metaverse

In this new course, “Get Digital: Safety in the Metaverse,” we learn how to be safe in the metaverse.

“Through two online lessons, students are introduced to the metaverse and the opportunities it affords. Students will learn important digital citizenship skills, including recognizing strategies for maintaining privacy in the metaverse. Get Digital's free curriculum helps students acknowledge the benefits of online communities and resources while guiding them to successfully navigate potential pitfalls within the metaverse.”

Understanding how to be safe in spaces where students interact via video, videogame, or other online platform is essential to helping students navigate our increasingly complex world. VR is here and so is the metaverse, and now is the time to start discussing this.

Grade Level: 8 – 12
Time Required: 2 lessons, 35 minutes total

safety in the metaverse EVERFI
EVERFI's Metaverse safety course will help students stay safe in a new, fast growing part of the Internet.

Knowing how to use credit responsibly is so important in today’s world. Our students need to understand the purpose of credit, how to maintain a responsible approach to it, and to be introduced to borrowing before the offers start coming in the mail in college or the workforce after high school graduation.

With the recent momentum around states requiring high school financial literacy for graduation, EVERFI’s suite of financial literacy lessons are here to support schools. These resources provide a strong, standards-aligned foundation to prepare students for personal and professional success. 

Build: Credit Fundamentals is a digital program that helps students build knowledge about acquiring credit, growing credit, managing credit, and dealing with fraud or inaccuracies with credit effectively.

Grade Level: High School
Time Required: 1 intro and 4 lessons for a total of 45 minutes

build credit fundamentals
Students should be prepared to wisely manage credit. EVERFI's Build: Credit Fundamentals course helps students build these valuable skills.

In Save Up: Saving Money for the Future, middle schoolers will learn about the value of saving their money, how to set goals and plan, why savings accounts are important, and why to open them. This savings simulation helps them learn through a real-world experience about the importance of saving money and how to do it.

Through engaging self-paced lessons, middle school students are provided with the knowledge and skills they need to become informed consumers on how to save money, thus prompting them to begin saving as early as possible.”

Grade Level: 6-8
Time Required: 4 lessons, 40 minutes total

save up saving money for the future
As students prepare to enter the workforce, EVERFI's SaveUp course helps them prepare to set goals and save.

In Sustainability Foundations: Ready to Recycle, students “develop strategies for becoming better-informed consumers regarding recycling. Students learn about single-stream recycling, the environmental impacts of mining and refining raw materials to be used in consumer goods, and how to make more sustainable choices.”

Grade Level: students of all ages: Grade Level 5-8
Time Required: 3 lessons, 45 minutes total

free recycling lesson EVERFI
EVERFI's Recycling Course helps students know how to make wise choices every day as they use consumables and recyclables.

WORD Force is perfect for grades K-2 and includes 15 independent practice games where students “save the world” as they learn early reading literacy. This free game is a perfect complement to reading instruction.

Tip for Teachers

You can also send this link – https://www.truistwordforce.com/ to parents at home to encourage them to sign up for the free activities for their children to do at home, as well. 

Parents and teachers say students enjoy these games, which are fun to play at school or home.

Grade Level: K-2
Time Required: 15 games, 5 levels each, time varies

word force vocabulary free lessons
WORD Force is a fun, engaging vocabulary building game for younger students from EVERFI.

Check Out EVERFI

I recommend that you check out the full course catalog for EVERFI and bring their courses to your school.

Disclosure of Material Connection: This is a “sponsored blog post.” The company who sponsored it compensated me via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value to include a reference to their product. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I believe will be good for my readers and are from companies I can recommend. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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Brady March 31, 2023 - 12:04 pm

I think these are all such great ideas!! I will be sure to remember these when I am in the classroom. I especially like the “Word Force” one because it seems like such fun for the students but they are learning at the same time!


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