Award, Reward, Give Opportunities for Recognition

Conference Best Practices
Every conference has their own unique amazing thing they do.

  • At MACUL (Michigan)  it is their MI-Champions mentoring program (that should be copied by others!) 
  • At ACTEM (Maine), it is the closeness of those who work together to put on the conference and the little hospitality touches – everyone feels like family– even out of town guests. Their awards show and winners make me cry with inspiration.
  • At TNT (Arkansas) they have an INCREDIBLE feedback system and ongoing improvement feedback system and I received some of the most useful feedback for improving my sessions from anywhere. Almost everyone provides feedback and it was wonderful to present just to get that kind of diagnostic on myself.
  • IOWA
  • At TICAL in Arkansas it is how they have the student exhibits and incredible service learning projects coming out of the EAST program and the other work they do. Kids are everywhere and the place is vibrant with infectious enthusiasm.
  • At NCTIES it is definitely their thematic excellence and how they dress up to fit the theme – it permeates everything and makes you feel like it is an experience! And it is!
  • At CUE they do an incredible job lining up speakers and have such great icebreaker events. The flow of their conference is excellent and they have a great feedback mechanism.
  • At IETC (Illinois) it is definitely how great the luncheon keynote experience is as people mingle and enjoy the company of each other. 
  • At COMO (the Georgia Librarian's conference) it is definitely the can-do attitude of participants as they discuss their ideas for improving media centers. 
  • At IL-TCE (Illinois) it is how many incredible bloggers and the informal sit down conversations in the hall.

Every state conference has their “thing” that they do so well. It would be marvelous if somehow they could take the “best” of what they do and transport it to other states.

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