Plan Your Year

with these free forms from Vicki Davis

You can set goals and plan at any time in the year, but these are the forms and tools I use to plan my year. I discuss how to use these forms on the podcast "28 Questions to Ask Yourself As You Plan Your Year" I hope these help you plan like they do me!

  1. List of 28 questions for annual planning.
  2. Annual planning spreadsheet without macros (ends in .xlsx)
  3. Annual planning spreadsheet with macros (ends in .xlsm and you do not have to open or use it)
  4. Evaluation Question 1: Learn from the past - What went right? monthly pdf
  5. Evaluation Question 2: Learn from the past - What is missing? monthly pdf

IN TOTAL: You will have 3 PDF pages and two spreadsheets.

Both spreadsheets are similar. Some companies or schools will not want you to use macros from a source outside your organization, the spreadsheet is the same except the non-macro version left out a button I made that creates a simple printable tracking form out of your information.

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