Announcing NetGenEd Project 2010: 300 students, 6 countries, 15 classrooms

Award winning author, Don Tapscott, and award winning global collaborators Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis (co founders of theFlat ClassroomTM Project) are excited to announce the 2010 NetGenEd Project,
another global collaboration to envision the future of education and social action by inspiring today's students to study leading technology trends and create their vision for the future.

Following the success of the recent Flat Classroom Workshop and Mini-Conference held last week in Mumbai as part of theASB Unplugged Conference, Flat Classroom™ are excited to announce the launch of the Net Generation Education Project.This includes more than 300 students from 6 countries and 15 classrooms.

In this project, students will study and “mash up” the results of the 2010 Horizon Report from the New Media Consortium andEducause and Tapscott's book Grown Up Digital: How the Net Generation is Changing Your World. Students will study the current research and create wiki-reports with their student partners around the world analyzing current trends and projecting future happenings based upon this collaborative analysis. This project is managed by the students who assume roles such as project manager, assistant project manager, and editors of the various wikis.

After compiling their wiki reports based upon current research, and encouraged by “expert advisors” (subject matter experts in the industry), students will then create a video in one of two strands. Video strand I competition will be the NetGenEd Challenge where students are asked to envision the future of education based upon
current global technological trends. Video Strand II Competition is the Macrowikinomics Challenge where students envision the future of global social action based upon their research in current global technological

“We are particularly excited about this year's project because we're not only asking students to envision the future of learning and the classroom but also how this media can be used to impact and improve society itself. This generation is the Net Generation and they are uniquely suited to speak for themselves in casting a vision for their
own future,” says project organizer, Vicki Davis.

This project is unique in that Tapscott will interact with students in forum posts throughout the project as they discuss Tapscott's research into NetGen and also current research as being compiled for Tapscott's
forthcoming book (being written with Anthony Williams) MacroWikinomics. Additionally, he will keynote the project via a Youtube video released in March along with a student keynote to be recorded at the Flat ClassroomTM Mini-conference at ASB Unplugged in Mumbai, India in February.

Additionally, the Discovery Educator Network is going to host a series of webinars demonstrating how to tell a
compelling digital story as well as leading a book club group for educators related to the NetGenEd project. The Flat Classroom Projects are global collaborative projects organized by Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay and sponsored by Elluminate.

Further information on the NetGenEd Project Wiki.
Read also the press release from Don Tapscott.

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