Note to Readers: I’m Updating all Every Classroom Matters Shows on my new blog

Listen to this show now by clicking this image.

Listen to this show now by clicking this image.

I was waiting until I moved to this blog to set up posts for all of the Every Classroom Matters shows. You'll notice all of the shows coming through the blog feed and a list will appear on my podcast page as soon as I get through them. Just want you to know. I also wrote a getting started guide for how you can automatically listen to the short 10-12 minute show on your mobile device or computer. After I'm caught up, I'll just post this week's shows as they go live.

Thank you to the reviewers and those who have given the show ratings. Thank you for adding me to your PLN.

Every Classroom Matters is a bi-weekly podcast by Vicki Davis on BAM Radio network where the top educators around the world share what they are doing in their classrooms today. Each show is 10-12 minutes long and designed to stimulate your thinking with best practices and exciting ideas from educators who are doing it. Subscribe

I’m excited to be on this new blog

It isn't perfect, but I've been working on this site for 2 months and it is time to pull the trigger. Let me know what you think and when (not if) you find glitches I need to fix. I expect this will take several months to perfect, but I am excited about my final move from blogger.