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Just a quick update on this. I'll still keep my focus over here, but we're starting a group blog that I think will end up being much bigger than I. We're looking for a few passionate bloggers to join the group over there with me. Drop me a line!

We've created one page to monitor all of the activities for this project –

Where we're sharing

  • We've also got a wiki started at
  • The wiki uses the links we create in diigo and feeds the resources to the 9 major categories of digital citizenship that we're addressing. (See wiki for those.)
  • We have a diigo group for bookmarking. at
  • This blog is where we'll list major announcements AND resource links, so it will be a good place to follow the activities.

Where YOU can volunteer

  • We have a donated Moodle space and Kate Olson is organizing an online course done BY educators for people wanting to know more about Digital Citizenship, Safety, and Success. We are planning a preliminary meeting within the next 7 days, however, we're discussing using the 9 areas of digital citizenship as posted on the wiki to serve as our starting point.
  • We're working on a logo and have a volunteer who is working on this.
  • Wiki Work – We're working on pulling in the diigo links RSS to the wiki page so that the diigo group will automatically feed the bookmarks to the appropriate category. We could use some help putting those RSS's on the page. (Much of this is being done w/ people giving 30 minutes here and there.)

    I would personally love to see the wiki have some basic information, but remember, we're working to create things to go offline so it is about resources, handouts, and useful things.

  • THE BIG THING YOU CAN DO NOW! – Besides telling people about this (include ad4dcss in the twitter or blog post and it will aggregate on our netvibes page so we'll know you're there.)

    We NEED people to join the Diigo group and USE THE STANDARD TAG DICTIONARY. We also need people to go through the bookmarks and thumbs up or thumbs down the best resources so that we may start using that feature. This will sort of be our way of “vetting” the sources.

    If you could spend just 10 minutes going through your bookmarks on digital citizenship and tagging them.

We're also talking about several action days a year about different points and I know a lot of you have already broached this subject. Access, digital safety, blogging, so many different things we could do.

Is this some sort of political thing?
Well, honestly, we don't know what this is yet. Any organization of people that becomes effective ends up having a political impact, however, we're not starting off that way.

We're starting off to create useful things to help YOU take the discussion of these tools offline. Handouts for boards of directors. An online class for anyone to take who wants to become educated.

When we have large numbers of people, then we'll have more clout on the political end.

But for now, we have a growing list of charter members who are going to tweet, bookmark, do a little wiki work, and share their ideas.

How do “we” decide where to move?

I think that some fresh faces no one has ever heard of will emerge to lead the charge on some things that we'll sit back and say “now why didn't we do that before.”

So, what my role is that when there is a group of people who says to me “we want to do this,” I'm using the reach and network of mine to help facilitate and give them the resources to make it happen (and a little geeky programming stuff in the background.)

Power of Newcomers!
Newcomers are perfect for this effort because they more clearly see the obstacles that are holding newcomers from joining in and learning more. They clearly see the other side of the fence because they can remember the other side of the fence.

I wish I had more time to tell you more.

We are looking for a few more group bloggers. So, join in. Speak up. Share.

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Vicki Davis

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Lucy Gray April 16, 2008 - 9:22 am

Hi Vicki –

Great idea… I’d love to help out in any way. Let me know if there’s something specific I can do. I’ve joined the diigo group and will send links there.


Profv April 16, 2008 - 7:18 pm

This is moving very quickly, and I am not sure at this point in time (the end of my semester) I will be able to do much in terms of support. However, as I read through what you had listed, I realized I could lend one of my expertise to your (our) cause.

I find that currently the push for policy makers is “but is there any research to support this?” Being located at a research institution, I know of many professors that have been doing research on cybersecurities in school and student “at risk” behavior on the internet. I can collect some current research that may give some perspective on what “experts” have found. For example, I know one of my colleagues has been working on student perceptions of the internet. Another colleague, with experience working with at-risk adolescents just completed his dissertation on the effectiveness of using a training program to teach students about cyber security. I think he wants to extend this research to identify a profile of students that are most “at-risk” on the internet, what their behaviors tend to be, and what is the best way to work with them.

I would see my role as reactive: as the wiki and blogs develop, I could identify studies that either support or refute assumptions on which the ideas come. This would make any recommendations much more acceptable to policy makers. In other words, if there are studies that refute assumptions, there would need to be a good justification for any of our suggestions, for you can be sure others will find those studies to contradict the proposals. Let me know if you think this is valuable.

Vicki A. Davis April 16, 2008 - 7:26 pm

@Lucy — For now, the links are great — we’ll need some help mobilizing for some of the action days — if you’ll just use the standard tags, that will be helpful b/c those feed the wiki. (A little taxonomy w/ our folksonomy.)

@Profv – What you are describing is perfect — we’ve set up a new tag in the diigo group called “research” if you would just look at the 9 major categories as shown on the wiki and combine the tag research with those (if you “send to group” in Diigo the tags pop up.). Then, I’ll create an rss feed to pull those in automatically without your having to do any wiki editing at all. How does that sound. That would be so helpful!

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