Administration 2.0 Supershow, Tonight at 9 pm EST

I'm very excited about the conversation that Cheryl, Jen, and I (Sharon is out tonight) will be having with Miguel Guhlin, Doug Johnson (librarian extraordinaire, Blue Skunk Blog) and Dr. Scott McCloud (Dangerously Irrelevant).

We've titled the show “Administration 2.0 Supershow” and here are some of the topics that we plan to tackle:

Show 21 — Administrative Web 2.0 Supershow!

  • What administrative practices enable effective technology usage by students and teachers?
  • What barriers do administrators create that impede effective technology usage by students and teachers?
  • What are the consequences when few formal school leaders (e.g., principals, superintendents) understand digital technologies?
  • What are university educational leadership programs doing to prepare new technology-savvy school leaders?
  • What can tech departments do to help improve tech skills and understandings by administrators?
  • What kinds of awards and commendations could be given to teachers who are using the tools and how can we showcase best practices.
  • Is the hassle worth it? Do you believe you see gains occur in the classroom when these tools are used?
  • How is technology used to more effectively manage the business side of school operations? Who to answer this one?
  • Should libraries change as part of administrative leadership or have they already?
  • Then, hold on as they field questions and share super cool tools that they use to lead!

The show is on tonight at 9 pm EST over at — If you've never listened before, just go to and click on channel 1. Then, in another window, you can open up the chat room by clicking on chat room, just sign in with your name (no password is required). Then, you'll be in touch with our speakers and able to ask questions.

After the show is over, the show is available for download and the chat and show are archived over at

We have a lot of fun and lots of people like to come a little early to catch up with the others! It really is a high point of my week because so often it is easy to feel alone in the struggle to push into new technological realms of excellence (and it requires many hard knocks as well.)

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