5 Ways to Bring #Breakoutedu into Your Classroom (on a budget)

Escape rooms or breakout boxes (which you really break into) have led to the Breakout EDU movement. If you want to get started with your breakout edu experience, here are some resources to get you started.

#breakoutedu on a budget

1. Get or Make a Breakout EDU Box

You can make your own breakout Kit (see Joe Cossette's example here) but they are available at Amazon or at the Breakout EDU website. The advantage of purchasing it at BreakoutEDU is you get access to their games and activities (800+ and counting.) Students can also create games there now.

Listen to Adam Bellow, one of the co-founders of Breakout EDU talk about the challenges, skills, and expectations you can have when using a Breakout Box.

2. Go With a Digital Breakout

While you can play the Breakout boxes, you can also have a digital breakout. Mari Venturino talks about how this works and you can play the activities on their site.

There are several ways you can make your own digital breakout:

3. Use Some Free Breakouts Shared by Teachers

If you register for a free ID on BreakoutEDU, you can access their user-generated (FREE) games. (See them in the digital sandbox.)

You can also peruse some cool Breakout Box Ideas on Pinterest with this board that I found very inspiring and helpful.

4. Encourage Students to Make Their Own

As Lucy Manley shares in the podcast episode, some of the best breakouts are student-created. Once you've designed their first experience, let students create a new one. The main suggestion I have is that you program the locks. (You'd hate to get locked out of your own boxes!)

5. Remember the Storyline

When you create your breakout experience, consider the storyline. You could add a dramatic entrance and say you've been locked out of something.

You could combine it with a scavenger hunt and take the students to another place.

You could even have clues on a field trip (that you've scouted ahead) and you'll know students have learned their objectives when they break into the box.

Adding story to the experience makes it even more powerful.

How Do You Breakout?

I'd love to hear your stories about how you're using Breakout EDU in your classroom. I'm getting started but after hearing Lucy Manley, I'm ready to go!

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