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5 Popular Must-Watch Videos with Inspiring Stories That Will Make You Smile

by Vicki Davis
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Trevor Muir’s Facebook videos are getting millions of views. Hear the touching teacher stories that are resonating and have teachers sharing.

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Trevor's Top 5 Videos that We Discussed on the Show

5. What if We Didn't Have Teachers?

4. School Doesn't Have to Look Like This Anymore

3. What Happened When Wild Baby Goats Got Loose in My School

2. Why Some Kids Hate Christmas

1. Teaching is Tiring (And Worth It)

The Epic Classroom FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/epicclassroom


Trevor Muir

The Epic Classroom

Trevor is an author, speaker, teacher, and project based learning expert. Along with 7 years teaching in a high school classroom, he is a professor at Grand Valley State University, is one of the leaders of The Education Design Expedition at Fontys University in the Netherlands, the author of the book, The Epic Classroom, and runs the Facebook page “The Epic Classroom” where his videos have been viewed over 24 million times.

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