31 Day Comment Challenge Draws to a Close

I loved njtechteacher’s reflections on the 31 day comment challenge started by Sue Waters (see their amazing wiki)

Ann says:

This is something I tend to do as I read blogs and post comments. Blog comments fall into three categories for me: I respond with my feelings on a post, I write to congratulate someone on something they are doing, I am uncertain about what was written about and I leave a question. The use of Cocomment and co.mment both help me see when people respond. This had not always been my practice. It was, looking back, more of a hit and run process.”

Commenting is something important to me and I believe has been essential to my own blog. (See How to comment like a King (or Queen)).

Commenting and realizing that you have a voice is so very important. So, as a tribute to Sue today and these amazing women who have coordinated the 31 Day comment challenge (Sue Waters, Silvia Tolisano, Michele Martin and Kim Cofino) — I ask everyone leaving this post to find a blog (other than mine) and comment right now!

Let’s end this well! (oh and mention that you’re commenting b/c of the challenge — it will help people to understand how far reaching this effort has been at building conversation in the edublogosphere.)

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6 thoughts on “31 Day Comment Challenge Draws to a Close

  1. Hello! I found your blog as I have been trying to find other teacher bloggers online. I run a new blog called Christian Teacher Forum, which connects teachers who happen to be also Christians teaching at public, private and home schools, whether in the U.S. or internationally. The site is supposed to network us with discussion topics, lesson plan ideas, links, etc. Thanks for blogging! Feel free to visit my site and comment whenever, even if you feel that you don’t fit the “religious” category! Teachers need to learn from each other as much as possible! We are each other’s biggest resource! BTW–the blog is located at http://www.christianteacherforum.wordpress.com/

  2. Hello,
    What a great gesture you had, acknowledging Sue for her efforts and positive outcome this challenge has brought to many bloggers.
    As Ann said, using cocomment has helped her track comments during the challenge.
    We strive to connect people and build conversations.
    Anna, I am glad to read your post, will check out your site.

  3. Before I follow your advice to leave this post and comment somewhere else I want to congratulate Sue for the success of the comment challenge.
    Let’s stay in touch and continue the conversation, through tagging and cocomment.


  4. Vicki:
    When I first started reading blogs, leaving a comment was actually kind of scary. I didn’t know what the etiquette was, or even if there was any etiquette.

    Your blog was one of the first I ever read and the “How to Comment” post was so helpful.

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