25 Basic Styles of Blogging

This slideshow is a must watch for anyone blogging. I think it makes some good points. I totally agree with three points:

  1. No one wants to read a broken record. (vary your content)
  2. No one wants to write a broken record .(vary your content)
  3. Sometimes your blog posts should be easy to write.

I do want to add that commenting is a very important part of blogging as well. If you join in the conversation and be a part, people are more likely to come see what you have to say. (Goodness knows, there are enough know it alls in the world!)

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Vicki Davis is a full-time classroom teacher and IT Director in Georgia, USA. She is Mom of three, wife of one, and loves talking about the wise, transformational use of technology for teaching and doing good in the world. She hosts the 10 Minute Teacher Podcast which interviews teachers around the world about remarkable classroom practices to inspire and help teachers. Vicki focuses on what unites us -- a quest for truly remarkable life-changing teaching and learning. The goal of her work is to provide actionable, encouraging, relevant ideas for teachers that are grounded in the truth and shared with love. Vicki has been teaching since 2002 and blogging since 2005. Vicki has spoken around the world to inspire and help teachers reach their students. She is passionate about helping every child find purpose, passion, and meaning in life with a lifelong commitment to the joy and responsibility of learning. If you talk to Vicki for very long, she will encourage you to "Relate to Educate" or "innovate like a turtle" or to be "a remarkable teacher." She loves to talk to teachers who love their students and are trying to do their best. Twitter is her favorite place to share and she loves to make homemade sourdough bread and cinnamon rolls and enjoys running half marathons with her sisters. You can usually find her laughing with her students or digging into a book.

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Frank February 7, 2008 - 5:57 pm

25 “basic” styles? That’s just mindbloggling! Add it doesn´t include twitter, microblogging!

Faces of Web 2.0 ★ 21st Century Teachers

Lisa Parisi February 8, 2008 - 1:08 am

I think it would be fun to try each one and see if the ratings fit. My new to-do list. :)

shaggyhill February 8, 2008 - 11:33 am

I have this on our wiki and for the first 15 weeks or so of school in addition to scheduled posts, the kids had to pick a topic and one of the 25 styles for their post. In the beginning there was a lot of “list” blogging : )

kellywissink February 9, 2008 - 3:49 am

We just stumbled upon your fine blogging post. As educators, my husband and I also blog. Schools need to start embracing technology and start running from the outdated industrial model, schools hang on to. We are in the education business and why are we the last to embrace change? If we were a “real” business we would be teetering on bankruptcy.

What are your thoughts?


Curt and Kelly Wissink

uglicoyote February 9, 2008 - 5:20 pm

I have just stumbled upon your page and I wish to thank you for being here. I am creating an ed/politics blog and trying to use web 2.0 tools to improve communication within my association, and expose my colleagues to the potential educational uses of these new tools. I will place a link on my blog, http://haircutthouhgts.blogspot.com

Vicki A. Davis February 9, 2008 - 1:13 pm

@frank – Yes, it is a bit oversimplified, but it is good to have a starting point so that we may go from there.

@lisa — Yes, I think so too, or to create a wiki where we could put in our own ratings based upon fact and the actual time and number of responses and links we received. A database would be good for this, except GoogleBase and I are still having issues.

@shaggyhill — What a great idea. I wonder, however, for a classroom, did they leave out just a plain old fiction or poetry narrative. Sometimes poetry on my own blog has drawn a lot of readers.

@kelly – I think that is such a big issue and really, my whole blog is my thought on why we’re not embracing change. I believe that we are hiding behind some terminologies that are a little difficult to understand and also that we’ve created an educational system that thrives on stability, not change. The problem is that the kids have changed and we haven’t. Society has changed and we haven’t. There are many of us who are beginning to change and move ahead and welcome to the growing crowd of educators who are embracing that change!

loonyhiker February 13, 2008 - 3:03 pm

What a great post! It was chock full of info.

By the way, I have tagged you for the Passion Quilt Meme. Check it out here: http://successfulteaching.blogspot.com/2008/02/meme-passion-quilt.html

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