22 Classroom-Focused Resources on AI from Teachers Everywhere

Teachers are talking, but how do we get past the hype of AI? We go to the teachers who are actually teaching with AI, that's how. Here are 22 resources from teachers.

Educators are the best! There are so many fantastic resources on AI out there, but I have been noticing that some of them feel very hype-ish and even written by AI. So, yesterday I asked educators on “X” (the new rebranded, Twitter, I guess) to share where they are learning about AI. So, today, for day 17 for 80 Days of AI and HI, I'm sharing what teachers say about their AI resources and go to's. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list. If you have resources, just join in the conversation and add your thoughts to the tweet so people can see your resources.

Here are the resources I found and explored as a result of the tweet. It isn't everything that was shared but some highlights. Enjoy the journey and resources and thanks for continuing to join me on 80 days of AI and HI. (The human intelligence part is so important!)

The Tweet That Started it

Scott McLeod started by sharing some teachers who are doing the work!

Steve Dembo, AI and Writing

So, I recently sat down with Steve Dembo to talk about what he's doing in his classroom. His “experiment” with ChatGPT and student paper writing has people talking and was quite the buzz at ISTE this year. You might want to take time to hear this interview with him. I'll be posting the portion on what he did with the “experiment” on the podcast later this week.

Generative AI in the Classroom with Steve Dembo

Donnie Piercey, AI and Math

Donnia Piercey @mrpiercEy is sharing how to integrate AI into Math instruction and is hosting an upcoming seminar with the National Council of Math Teachers on a deep dive on AI in math instruction for elementary grades. Additionally, my friend Bob Greenberg filmed a Brain Waves with Donnie about AI in the classroom that is worth a watch.

Donnie Piercey sat down with Bob Greenberg of Brainwaves to talk about AI in the Classroom.

Elissa Malespina, AI and Librarians

Then, Elissa shouted out her fantastic substack on AI for School Librarians.

Kelly Schuster-Paredes, AI in Computer Science

Kelley is a co-host of an awesome Computer Science podcast called Teaching Python. (I had Kelley on the podcast here.)

They have two interesting podcasts you might want to listen to relating to this topic that will be resources for Computer Science educators.

AI in Education – My EdTech Life Podcast

Helen Maddox says that she's found the AI podcast episodes on @MyEdTechLife hosted by Fonz Mendoza to be helpful.

So, I dug through the archives and found two in particular that will be good resources for us teachers digging through the AI hype to get to what is really happening.

Adeel Khan advocates for AI change in education.
William Grube talks about ethical training and AI and what is happening now.

Generative Video Free Lesson

My friend Thomas Ho shared a generative video free lesson in his tweet.

In this lesson, Marc Watkins talks about text-to-generative video, how to do it, and the advantages of it. This means that you write the text and the video is generated for you by AI. He demonstrated Runway 2 which does this.

Marc Watkins demonstrates a text to generative video tool Runway.

Alfonso Gonzalez – AI Lesson Planning in Environmental Science

The always amazing Alfonso Gonzalez shared two posts he's written.

The first was a very early post written last December on using ChatGPT for lesson planning and then again, how he used it for project planning for his final environmental project in June. Make sure you read his prompts and his 4 choice board.

Rachelle Dene Poth – Teaching AI to Students

The always awesome Rachelle Dene Poth (who will be sharing some very cool things on an upcoming episode of the 10 Minute Teacher Podcast) shared her very valuable blog post about teaching AI to students.

This article is perfect to share with preservice teachers and to assign for reading PD for teachers in our schools. She also shares some very valuable AI tools:

  • Google Experiments. AI and machine learning experiments from Google.
  • Human vs. AI Test. Students can examine this to try to see if they think humans or AI created it.
  • AI4K12 with some resources for developing coursework

Remember TeachAI (which I blogged recently) which you'll want to join for sure!. (Note: Pat Yongpradit from who is working with this organization will have a podcast released soon on the 10 Minute Teacher, my podcast. I've recorded dozens of interviews with awesome educators using AI that will be released soon. Next up is Microsoft Education VP Lydia Smyers.)

AI for Projects

So, some conversations about the usefulness of AI to help with projects has been going on. I've written about the generative features in Todoist and have been using generative features inside Mailbutler to extract to-do items from emails and help draft emails. Mailbutler will be the topic of an upcoming post.

I'm looking at and it really looks like someone has built an interface on top of ChatGPT. (For me, I might rather just use ChatGPT.)

Many AI generative tools (as apparently, Goblin may be) is just a tool written on top of ChatGPT. I could be wrong about this, so if it isn't just a tool built on top of ChatGPT, someone let me know. I do know that quite a few generative tools at ISTE were also this same thing. That is concerning.

Prompt Engineering to help ChatGPT Become an “Idea Buddy”

This lesson and also this prompt coaching tool are an interesting by-product of some educators who have worked together on this.

AI Courses

Many educators are offering courses. Gail Donahue recommended the one by Matt Miller from Ditch that Textbook.

AI and Book Trailers

Samantha Green shared an Instagram account from secondary urban legends with some interesting videos about using AI.

Thank you to everyone who took a moment to share their thoughts. I do plan to go on some of the other social networks and see what other resources turn up. (I'm on Threads, Blue Sky as @coolcatteacher and I'll check there as well as Linked In.)

But I want to say this as I did in Sunday's podcast. We can't let the fracturing of social media cause us to have conversations that leave people out. You can leave a comment on this blog. I hope that all of you will begin sharing on your blogs and having conversations that include anyone who can access your content. Let's talk about AI and figure out how to use it effectively.

All of us will have to know how to properly supervise AI!

Day 18 will be an interview with Microsoft Education VP, Lydia Smyers as she will be sharing some incredible things about AI in education and what Microsoft is doing in this area. Stay tuned right here on this blog and wherever you listen to podcasts to hear that episode of the 10 Minute Teacher.

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I forgot to tell you about my Twitter thread on AI and education:

Vicki Davis July 27, 2023 - 8:19 pm

Thanks, Thomas. You always share things that are so useful!


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