15 Uses for the Swivl

The Swivl is a robotic recorder of your classroom, but it can also do many other things. The Swivl is one of the most simple devices, but it is also diverse in its uses. After learning the specs of the Swivl, and just having some fun with it, I finally learned how to effectively use the Swivl, and find other uses for it by using some creativity. I’m a student in Mrs. Vicki Davis’ class and have come up with 15 uses for the Swivl in the time I've been testing it.

 1. Record a teacher’s class or presentation

This is basically using the technique of flipping classroom, where you record your class, the student watches it at home, and then you do the homework in class tomorrow. You can also use it in class and let the teacher help students as they work. (This is what my teacher does.)[guestpost]This post was written by Akshay Patel, a tenth grade student, who tested the Swivl as part of his genius project. I have permission to share his full name and the article as he builds his portfolio online. This handy device has an option for iPhone/iPad and another for DSLR cameras. We were sent a Swivl to review for my blog.[/guestpost]

2. A Robotic Camera Man

When students are doing a group project, they could use the Swivl and record all of them instead of having someone else as the cameraman and be left out of the video. If a team member is missing, this is a good way to include them when they’re out.

3. Present With Slides

By using the Swivl Cloud and the Swivl Capture app, you can record your own presentation while presenting with slides on your IOS device.

4. Improve Teaching Skills

When using the Swivl to record a teacher’s class, the footage can be sent to a higher-ed teacher or the school administrator to see how the teacher is doing, and then send feedback.

5. Practicing Made Easy

You might be nervous about your presentation and want to practice like it might be the real thing. Using the Swivl, you can check for time, audio, slides, and eye contact.

6. Quick and Effortless Streaming

Anybody can use the Swivl to record videos to upload to YouTube or stream on Ustream.

7. Audio Recordings

With the Swivl’s marker, you can record clear, wireless audio.

8. Vlogging Made Easy

The Swivl can be used to easily make a vlog. Instead of focusing the camera in one place, you can attach the marker to the lanyard, put the lanyard on, and walk around while still recording clear audio and video.

9. Your Own Personal Coach

You may be a basketball player or a golf player. Sometimes you have to practice on your own, but how would you know if you were shooting the ball right, or swinging the golf club with proper form? With the Swivl, you can just put the marker on you by using the lanyard, and start practicing. When you're done practicing, you can watch the video, see how your form is, and improve it from there.

10. Family Moments Saved Forever

One way the Swivl can help a family is to record those precious childhood moments that do not last very long. The parents can use the Swivl to record their children or record themselves with their children and make those bittersweet  moments last longer.

11. Multitask Like a Pro

One day you might be cooking in your kitchen, moving around a lot, and suddenly your mom wants to FaceTime. You know you are unable hold your phone, iPad, etc. while moving around cooking. So  just pop your Apple device right on the Swivl, and let mom see you walking around the kitchen. Also with the wireless microphone, she can easily hear your voice.

12. Dog Training

For dog trainers, a client may want to see how their dog is doing, so they ask the trainer to send a video. The trainer can easily record quality video of the dog moving around, while he or she is giving commands to the dog. The marker can be attached to the dog’s collar, and easy as that, you have clear video to send to your customers.

13. Horse Training

Horse trainer can also send videos to their clients. By putting the marker on the horse’s saddle, the trainer can use the Swivl to record video while he or she is commanding or calling the horse. The video can be played over to see how the horse canters, gallops, and how well the horse responds to commands.

14. Literary Practice

An easy way to practice for literary is to use the Swivl. Usually when practicing, the literary coach would have to record someone practicing and try to help them at the same time. With the Swivl, the coach can give advice, while recording clear audio and video. Then the video can be watched over again to see how they do.

15. Personal Camera Use

In case you do not like the camera on your phone or Ipad, then you can use your own personal DSLR camera, if you buy the optional Swivl Camera Mount.  With your DSLR camera, you can make time-lapse videos. The Swivl can also be mounted on a tripod. as long as it follows these guidelines.

[callout]Akshay Patel is a student at Westwood Schools who is studying the Swivl and the potential for robotic filming in schools as his genius project. Akshay was recently the Project manager for the Gamifi-ed Project and lives in Camilla, Georgia with his family. He loves playing tennis, running, and anything to do with technology. He’s interested in testing anything robotic. His parents have given permission for his full name to be used and for this blog to be posted as Akshay builds his portfolio.[/callout]

Photo Credits: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/satarii/swivl-multipurpose-motion-platform-for-mobile-and http://www.swivl.com/

Video Credits: http://redeemingdogs.com/ https://www.youtube.com/user/TollerScout

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