A LOOK INSIDE a Digital Shop Class: Game Based Learning, Design Thinking and …

Every Classroom Matters episode 200

Digital shop class! Igniting wonder! You can write on the desks. You can write on the walls; there are no grades! Learning is a game where students level up and earn experience points. Kids are building things to improve their community. Does this sound like a dream? No! It's happening right now in Kevin Jarrett's classroom.

Kevin is using game based learning and every cutting edge tool you can imagine to ignite curiosity and spur on student achievement. Listen to today's episode to uncover the secrets, tools, and tips behind teacher Kevin Jarrett's cutting edge classroom.

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What You'll Learn When You Listen to Today's Show

  • What is the structure of a classroom that ignites wonder?
  • How can you have a student centered classroom and still have empathy and technology work together?
  • Can you stop taking grades and still improve student achievement?
  • How you can use game based learning with a simple WordPress plug-in.
  • Why we shouldn't use the term maker space anymore.

Educator Resources from this Episode

Here are links to the resource Kevin shared in the show. Listen to this show to learn how he used them.

Teacher Kevin Jarrett builds a digital shop class using game based learning, empathy, design thinking and more.

Teacher Kevin Jarrett builds a digital shop class using game based learning, empathy, design thinking and more.

Is there a place in your class that inspires wonder?

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