10 Health and Fitness Apps To Make Getting Fit Fun

“Exercise is a dirty word. Every time I hear it I wash my mouth out with chocolate.”

Charles M. Schulz

I've previously shared about cooking, let's get physical.

1. Lose It


Track calories, weight, and exercise. People who faithfully track calories in this app really do lose it.

2. Fit Bit


Lots of us around town are wearing Fit Bits or Fuel Band (by Nike) to track steps. It will even wake you up when you’re sleeping your lightest. (Don't do like Big Hoss did on Pawn Stars and tie yours to a paint shaker, that isn't honest.)

3. Fitocracy


Fitocracy is THE social network for fitness where you encourage and level up with your friends. Great way if your closest friends don’t live nearby.


4. Weight Watchers


Yes, you have to join the online Weight Watchers to use the app. It helps you stay on the program and tracks everything.

5. FitStar


My student Reid Ford showed me this app full of fitness videos and exercises. You can pick the type of space that you have and the time you have and it will give you videos (some free and others cost money).

6. Fitness Buddy


My student Mary Kate Dallas loves this app because it gets you on a fitness routine. You can make a schedule and know your workout routine for every day. It pulls from 1000+ exercises that you can do at home or in a gym.

7. YouTube

Do you know that most of your favorite fitness professionals have free videos on YouTube? Before buying another video, look them up there and try it out. (Like this video from Jillian Michaels  coolcatteacher.com/jillian )


8. Nike+ Running


When I ran, I LOVED this app. Sometimes I alternated this with Runkeeper (http://runkeeper.com/) – they are both great apps for tracking your run. Nike even links with Facebook and you'll hear a cheer when someone likes your run.

9. Withings


The withings scale tracks your body weight and BMI and will send it to an app to track your weight every day via wifi.

10. Zombies Run!


This is a crazy app and yes, I've used it. I don't recommend this for kids as it scared me and I'm… ahem… older. So, in this app you're listening to a story and there are certain times you have to run to save people on an epic quest as zombies snarl at your heels. It is a fun way to run.

Many of these apps link together and even more importantly can link you to a support group to help you achieve your fitness goals. Apps can help us get fit but ultimately we're the ones who have to sweat.

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