Smartphone Photography Tips and Apps

Every Classroom Matters episode 197

Snowflake multiteach and Meri Walker talking about Smartphone apps and tips

Smartphones are everywhere. Our students have them. We have them. Teachers are starting to use smartphones for photography, video and art. Meri Walker, the iPhone Art Girl, gives us the essential smartphone photography tips and smartphone photography apps that we need.

Mobile artist communities are growing. (Meri has displayed her mobile art in some of the most prestigious art museums in the world.) As we listened to the show, Sylvia Duckworth and I made a list of the best smartphone photography apps for this graphic. If you want to get your teachers started, this is a great graphic to print for your teacher’s lounge.

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Essential Questions: Smartphone Photography Tips and Apps

  • How are teachers using smartphones to teach art?
  • What are mobile artists?
  • What are commonly used terms by mobile artists?
  • What types of materials can you print on now?
  • Essential smartphone photography apps
  • Two important photography concepts and how to teach them on the smartphone

Meri Walker, the iPhone art girl, shares her smartphone photography tips in this Every Classroom Matters episode sponsored by Snowflake Multiteach.

Meri Walker, the iPhone art girl, shares her smartphone photography tips in this Every Classroom Matters episode sponsored by Snowflake Multiteach.

Smartphone Photography Apps

Apps to turn your smartphone into a DSLR camera:

  • Camera Awesome [iOS – Free] [Google Play – $2.99]
  • Camera+ [iOS – $2.99]
  • ProCamera+ [iOS – $4.99]

Remember to learn about the principle of thirds that we discussed on the show and learn to use the grids on these apps. Listen to Meri’s suggestions for holding your smartphone still.

Basic Editing:

Learn how to make shots tack-sharp using apps.
To Make Photo Art:

Resources for More Smartphone Photography Tips:

Listen to the smartphone photography tips show to hear how mobile artist Meri Walker uses these apps. Thank you to Snowflake Multiteach for making this show possible.  

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