ECM 148: What Every Teacher Can Learn from a Title I School

Secrets from a Top Title I School in Indiana with Principal Jayson Snyder

How does an improving Title I school do it? What are the improvement secrets? Jayson Snyder, principal of Meadows Edge Elementary in Indiana, shares the secrets: formative assessment, intentional intervention, and how data-driven instruction should look. They work hard to train teachers and have a “yet” mindset.

What every teacher can learn from a Title I school

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Jayson’s emphasis on “the power of Yet” is transformational. Before the school started, the teachers learned about the growth mindset and Carol Dweck’s research. They listed areas that they hadn’t mastered “yet.” The year started with teachers sharing their “not yet” items and then students set “not yet” goals. Improvement has become part of their culture with this shift.

“Continuous improvement and a growth mindset. It's every teacher, it's every staff member, it's every student, it's every day.”

Jayson Snyder is principal at a top 3 Title 1 improving school in Indiana. Featured in ECM Show #148.

There are so many things happening in Jayson’s school, but I love how he still has the heart of a teacher. Take a listen to the show and spend time on the takeaways from the show. I’ve embedded Carol Dweck’s Power of Yet TED Talk at the bottom.

Top Takeaways from “What Every Teacher Can Learn from a Title I School”

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