How do I help my students use iPads? Teaching students to troubleshoot and use iPads effectively

Pana Asavavatana on Episode 388 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast

Pana Asavavatana won the ISTE Kay Bitter Award for 2018 as a top technology using kindergarten teacher. In today’s show, she digs deep about how she teaches her students to use iPads.

Pana Asavavatana

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Pana Asavavatana’s Bio As Submitted

Pana is the PreK-1 Technology and Design Coach at Taipei American School. She is the creator of the Traveling Teddy Bear project (, founder of Twitter chat #IntEarlyEd (formerly #KchatAP), and 2018 awardee for ISTE’s Kay L. Bitter Vision Award.


Twitter: @PanaAsavavatana


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