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About Vicki Davis

Vicki Davis is a full-time classroom teacher.

I’m here to help teachers understand how to be more productive, use technology to reach every child, and live a better life.

Here are eight ways can help you.

  1. Search my site. Here on this blog, I’ve authored more than three thousand five hundred blog posts. Just use the search box in the upper right-hand corner of this page. My bi-weekly show, Every Classroom Matters, is another free resource full of ideas. I share many technology tutorials on my YouTube channel.
  2. Subscribe to my updates. I currently publish 3-5 blog posts per week. I write about teaching, technology, productivity, inspiration, education, and social media. By subscribing, you’ll get these posts, special emails and freebies just for my email list.To make sure you don’t miss any of my posts you can subscribe via RSS or email.
  3. Listen to my show. I have a bi-weekly show, Every Classroom Matters. I interview the best educators from around the world about what matters in their classroom. If you have suggestions for guests, email Lisa Durff ([email protected]) You can subscribe on iTunes.
  4. Buy one of my books. I have books to help you collaborate globally, build your online projects, build writing communities, and how to engage students in research-based ways that work in my classroom. Reinventing Writing and Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds are leading-edge books for busy teachers. I have a free ebook 10 Habits of Bloggers that Win that I give to anyone who signs up for my email list.
  5. Interview me. I make time for podcasters, reporters, or other bloggers if you think what I share will be helpful to your audience. To set an time for an interview, email Lisa Durff ([email protected]) , my assistant. I’m happy to help.

    Vicki Davis Skyping into a Conference

    Because I teach full time, one of the ways I connect is by connecting with friends at conferences or by giving webinars to motivate and encourage educators with best practices in using technology. Here I am presenting in another country via Skype! ;-)

  6. I can write for you or host a webinar for your group. Schools often ask for reprints of articles or graphics, and I’m happy to help. If you think your readers or mine would benefit from something I can write for you, ([email protected]) , my assistant, to set an appointment with me to coordinate my freelance authoring and webinars.
  7. Advertise. Every Classroom Matters continues to top the K-12 iTunes list in the Education category. With more than 110,000 downloads a month (and counting), this show is a powerful way to reach an audience of passionate but busy teachers. Email Errol St. Clair Smith ([email protected]), who coordinates my advertising. Note, that we are selective and thoroughly test all advertisers before recommending to our audience. We serve teachers first and only bring them the best products that will help their students succeed.
  8. Book me as a speaker. I’ve spoken at more than fifty events in twenty-three states in the last seven years and keynoted events for conferences, corporations, trade associations, schools, and districts. Because I teach full time in the classroom, I limit the number of invitations I accept during the school year. (When I do speak, you’ll get the latest practices from a practicing teacher’s classroom, not something someone dreamed up in an office that hasn’t been used with students!) If you have an event or webinar that will benefit from my positive, practical messages, please visit my speaking page and email  ([email protected]), my assistant, to set an appointment with me. Every keynote is customized for your audience and not the same thing you have already heard.
  9. Hire me as a personal consultant. I have limited time available for consulting. If you think your company or school could benefit from coaching and advice,  email  ([email protected]), my assistant, to set an appointment with me and we’ll set something up.

    Speaking to Georgia legislators about the importance of collaboration and design thinking in the classroom.

    Speaking to Georgia legislators about the importance of collaboration and design thinking in the classroom.


We are part of a greater purpose to make the world a better place through our individual classrooms. We can do this and help kids love learning. More importantly, we can introduce children — one by one — to a brighter future. Let’s do this.

With all my respect and gratitude,


It was awesome to see Yong Zhao in Alaska in 2015. My students did some collaborating in OBA world a few years back on a project and enjoyed it!

It was awesome to see Yong Zhao in Alaska in 2015. One of my favorite things about traveling is learning from those I meet on the journey.

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