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    About Vicki Davis

    Vicki Davis is a full-time classroom teacher.

    time in the classroom, I limit the number of invitations I accept during the school year. (When I do speak, you’ll get the latest practices from a practicing teacher’s classroom.

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    Vicki Davis Skyping into a Conference

    Because I teach full time, one of the ways I connect is by connecting with friends at conferences or by giving webinars to motivate and encourage educators with best practices in using technology. Here I am presenting in another country via Skype! 😉

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    Speaking to Georgia legislators about the importance of collaboration and design thinking in the classroom.

    Speaking to Georgia legislators about the importance of collaboration and design thinking in the classroom.

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We are part of a greater purpose to make the world a better place through our individual classrooms. We can do this and help kids love learning. More importantly, we can introduce children — one by one — to a brighter future. Let’s do this.

With all my respect and gratitude,


It was awesome to see Yong Zhao in Alaska in 2015. My students did some collaborating in OBA world a few years back on a project and enjoyed it!

It was awesome to see Yong Zhao in Alaska in 2015. One of my favorite things about traveling is learning from those I meet on the journey.

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