How Do We Teach Kids to Use Smartphones Safely?

Digital Citizenship Spotlight

Most students use smartphones with unfiltered access to the Internet. Even worse, many students have no filter when they consider what they should share. Schools and parents need to get smart about how they talk to kids about smartphones. In today’s show, we talk with digital citizenship pioneer, Dr. Mike Ribble, about a cutting-edge issue: […]

140 Twitter Tips for Educators

Help for teachers curious or skeptical about Twitter


The curious teacher opened up Twitter. In the teacher’s lounge this morning, an excited teacher was talking about a new tool she’d found on Twitter that had her students raving. Rather than ask anyone, the curious teacher opened up Twitter (there was less pressure that way.) Oh, my! She thought Twitter made no sense. She saw […]

45 Minute Goals Can Transform Your Teaching

Shelly Sanchez Terrell dives deep into the transformative program

Don’t walk in the classroom defeated. Make professional development personal. Start tomorrow. It is easy in simple, small steps. For the last seven years, Shelly Terrell’s 30 Goals Challenge has ignited teacher learning. Today, we’ll learn how this “quick goal” technique can transform your teaching.   Shelly wants teachers to tackle small, short goals. They take just […]

FREE WEBINAR: 9 Ways Writing Has Been Reinvented in the Classroom

Join me, August 25 at 7pm EDT

Writing has been reinvented. Learn about the tools, techniques and writing tips that are changing everything. Thursday, August 25, 7pm EDT The webinar is live and free. As with the other webinars, I’ll be recording and posting this on the store. Check out my book Reinventing Writing.  

How to Unleash Student Intrinsic Motivation from Day One

Global Teacher Prize Finalist Mike Soskil Shares His Secrets

student intrinsic motivation

You can unleash a student intrinsic motivation from the first day of school. First, you start the school year with authentic connections. Second, you create a culture of learning.  In today’s episode, Mike Soskil, award-winning science teacher and Global Teacher prize finalist, shares his ideas for starting school. Additionally, he shares secrets for creating a […]

Overcoming the Biggest Barriers to Effective Parent Teacher Relationships

Start the School Year Right -- Sponsored by @BloomzApp

Social media and technology have changed parent-teacher relationships. If you’re smart, you can harness their power. Today, educator Joe Mazza shares how you can overcome barriers to creating successful partnerships with parents. Joe believes is not our job as an educator to dictate where someone wants to get their information about the school. We should be […]

3 Top Tips to Make Writing Exciting

Collaboration, Commenting, and a Global Audience

How to Make Writing Exciting when you teach writing

Learning writing can be exciting! Kids can love writing. Now, students can easily join writing communities. After joining, students find that commenting on another student’s writing can be fun.  Teacher-librarian, Cynthia Alvarado, shows us how to make writing exciting for kids. Additionally, she’ll also teach us her tips and tricks for coaching kids to level up […]

11 Essential EdTech Action Steps for Back to School

Simple Updates to Your Classroom Procedures and Workflow sponsored by EdTech Software

Technologies can transform; even simple technologies can make a significant impact. Here are eleven of the technologies that often affect classroom procedures and workflow. Use this checklist and infographic to make sure you’ve included the edtech essentials in your workflow this year. 1. Design Your Web Browser Your start page and bookmark bar are strategic for both […]

My favorite app for communicating with parents: Bloomz

A live from #iste2016 update

my favorite app for parent teacher communication

Bloomz is the free tool I currently use for communicating with parents. Bloomz was one of my sponsors for ISTE 2016 this year, and I appreciate their support. So, I sat down with Bloomz and did an interview about the product and how it works. They have some cool new features including Bloomz for schools, video, […]

Do Students Learn Better in Chairs or Couches?

Meet Oskar Cymerman, the science teacher on a quest to Starbucks his classroom

starbucks your classroom

Design your classroom to be intentional and inviting. Today’s guest, Oscar Cymerman, has decided to “Starbucks” his classroom. Oskar says, “Rows are for compliance but Starbucks is for collaboration.” Now, he’s reorganizing his science lecture area with Starbucks in mind. Yes, there’s still room for experiments, but you have to listen to the show to see […]