Text Message Abbreviations Field Guide (IM Speak for Adults)

Do the text message abbreviations your children and grandchildren send leave you confused as a cow on astroturf? No more! While we shouldn’t use this in academic writing, learn to speak the IM (instant messaging) language to communicate with your kids. Common Text Message Abbreviations LOL – Laughing out loud (Recently a woman texted her daughter […]

5 Email Tips Everyone Should Know Before Forwarding Mail

Common email mistakes

Email is not free. It never has been. Surprisingly, the average office worker spends one fourth of their workday reading and responding to email. To stop one of the biggest culprits of wasted inbox space, help everyone understand five email basics before forwarding  mail of any kind. 5 Things to Know Before Forwarding Mail to […]

10 Important Password Tips Everyone Should Know

Tag Cloud of most commonly used passwords

Your bank data, your accounts, your email, and your life are all wrapped up in your ability to create secure passwords and remember them. And yet most educators (and their students) struggle to remember passwords. With so many passwords stolen, there are things all of us SHOULD know to make our identities and bank accounts […]

11 Reasons eBooks Can Improve Your Life

If you peek in the pocketbooks and briefcases of many people, you may just see their personal library of Alexandria. Did you know that you can download the complete works of Mark Twain in less than 2 minutes after paying 99 cents. It almost feels wrong. And yet, something truly epic and special has happened […]

Geocaching : How To Use Technology To Get Into Nature

There are 3,673 of them hidden within 30 miles of Pelham and at least 2,015 hidden within 30 miles of Camilla. They are on the river, they are hidden beside the road, one is even hidden near Debbie’s Restaurant, but unless you know how to find them, you’ll never know they are there. Geocaching is […]