FREE CLASS: 8 Steps to Global Collaboration in Every Classroom

Tuesday, September 6, 2016 7pm EDT

8 Steps Global Collaboration WORKBOOK

I’m continuing the Education Technology Series that I’ve been running this fall. Tomorrow night, Tuesday, September 6 at 7pm, EDT I’ll host 8 Steps to Global Collaboration in Every Classroom. In this 1-hour and 15-minute class I’ll share: 5 reasons most teachers fail to consistently bring global collaboration into their classroom How to connect and […]

How to Unleash Student Intrinsic Motivation from Day One

Global Teacher Prize Finalist Mike Soskil Shares His Secrets

student intrinsic motivation

You can unleash a student intrinsic motivation from the first day of school. First, you start the school year with authentic connections. Second, you create a culture of learning.  In today’s episode, Mike Soskil, award-winning science teacher and Global Teacher prize finalist, shares his ideas for starting school. Additionally, he shares secrets for creating a […]

How Innovative Educators Observe, Reflect, and Share

The Innovator's Mindset with George Couros

8-Characteristics-of-the-Innovators-Mindset (1)

Many teachers say they don’t have time to connect. I live and breathe that feeling. However, when I’m down, sometimes an idea on Twitter or a suggestion on Facebook turns my day around. If there is one thing that will make you completely irreplaceable as a teacher, it would be your network. Your network is […]

How to Schedule a Time to Meet with Other Classes

The two types of calendars every collaborative project needs

Creating a Classtimes Calendar

Want to see students excited? Want to see them run to class? I’ll never forget the time we skyped with  Govinda and his students in Nepal. The fifth graders had an optional meeting at 7 am where they could come to school to meet the other kids half a world away. Every student came early! […]

Merging Classrooms: How I Shared My Students with a Class in Egypt

Every Classroom Matters episode 214

Adam Jones How I merged my classroom with aclassroom in Egypt

Talking about ISIS and Arab Spring online with kids from the US and Egypt. Did teacher Adam Jones really do that? Yes he did. He merged his classroom with a colleague in Egypt with incredible results. Listen now. Essential Questions: Merging Classrooms: How I Shared My Students with a Class in Egypt How can you […]

MAD about Mattering: A New Global Collaborative App Project #steam

The Next Step in Global Collaboration

MAD about Mattering compassion driven innovation

MAD about Mattering is a new project that is a dream come true for me! Last year, my students learned to program apps using MAD-Learn and released two apps onto the app store. Students were highly engaged but also pushed to new levels of knowledge and achievement in Computer Science as they developed their own […]

3 Simple Steps to Help Students Become a Global Citizen

Teacherpreneurs Connect Their Students

3 Steps to Help Students Become Global Citizens

Like squirrels in a sack, we can choose to coexist or we can make life miserable for one another. We are all a global citizen whether we realize it or not. Parents and teachers are building the bridges today that tomorrow will walk across. Let’s be clear about something. Because of the way students form […]

Moving Students Beyond Making Connections to Making an Impact

Every Classroom Matters episode 185

students making an impact

Students making toys for kids in Africa who have none? Kids taking a live virtual tour of the Great Barrier reef with scientists? Designing with a purpose? Australian Teacher Brian Host is all in with his seven and eight-year-old students. Students don’t want to just make connections. Students of all ages want to be making an […]

10 Ways to Build Team Classroom

Empower Awesome Learning Every Day

we are a team classroom

We are team classroom. Learning can be a solo venture. It can also be a team sport. (Thanks to Krissy Venosdale of Venspired for letting me use the graphic on this post.) No bystanders. When you build team classroom, you unleash a giant. Your class can learn more, grasp more, and move faster. Students learn to […]

Connecting Your Students with the World Book Review

Connecting Your Students with the World: Book Review (Eye on Education, 2015)

Overwhelmed teachers who want to collaborate globally are going to love Connecting Your Students with the World. This book designed especially for grades K-8 classrooms. I’m excited to review this book.

My favorite thing: The book organizes by month! You’ll see all the opportunities by month with links and information about the project. You’ll learn how to take part. There are tons of links and resources to get you started.

I knew when I saw this book several months ago that it was going to help lots of teachers and their students connect. Connecting isn’t always easy. Teachers are busy and don’t have time to ferret out what they need to do. This book makes it easier.

Connecting Your Students with the World

The authors of this book are often seen at conferences. (Sometimes one of them even wears a cape. 😉 Here we have (L-R) Billy Krakower, Jerry Blumengarten (the two pics in the middle) and Paula Naugle (right.) They are quite a team and have written a great book for teachers, Connecting Your Students to the World.

Mystery Location Calling How -To Guide

Some people call it Mystery Skype. Others call it Mystery FaceTime. They’re right, we should take the tool out of the name of the practice. We can connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Mystery Location Calling is the best way to get started. They’ve broken it down by how you get prepared. What you’ll do to connect. And the roles for all  the students (including many I’d never thought of but make such sense.)

It is worth the book just to have this handy guide.

Connecting Your Students to the World on Amazon

Monthly Projects and Activities

Connect your classroom! A child’s worldview will change. Everything changes. You can connect with the world much easier than you think possible.

With this book, you can plan your whole year. Although I teach high school, I’m going to use this book just to keep up with what is when.


And yes, the standards correlations for Common Core and ISTE are in there. So, if you need to meet a standard and want to do it with global collaboration (why not?), you can do it too.

My Book Review

Connecting Your Students with the World (K-8) is a must-purchase for all teachers in grades K-8 who want to collaborate globally. (Add it to your shelf along with Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds. Flattening Classrooms teaches you how to plan and construct your projects!)

This book has:

  • The practicality of Paula Naugle,
  • The zest and energy of Billy Krakower and the
  • Incredible curation superpower of everyone’s favorite cybrary man, Jerry Blumengarten.

I hope this fantastic team cranks out some more books as helpful as this one.

I recommend this book for:

  • Elementary and middle school teachers (K-8)
  • Anyone who wants to do Mystery Location Calls
  • Curriculum directors
  • Anyone responsible for planning school-wide events and calendars. (Many principals do this job!)

Connecting Your Students with the World is a practical, useful book for teachers. I highly recommend it.

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